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Monday, July 23, 2012

Genting Strawberry Farm

Didn't had a chance to go to the strawberry farm the previous time I went Genting, so I went this time round !

There's two strawberry farms, and two mushrooms farms in the highlands. So if you want to go to this strawberry farm, tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the strawberry farm WITH the mushroom farm.
There is only one place which have both strawberry and mushroom farms.

To my surprise, there are more than just strawberry and mushrooms. There is also a flower farm , bee products store and also a new addition to the farm, LAVENDER FARM!!!!

 Floor Plan

The place is so big we took about like one hour to finish the whole place.


 Strawberry farm let's go

 This is the area where you can pay a few dollars and pluck your own strawberries !
We didn't cause it wasn't the harvest season and there ain't much strawberries ready to pluck.


To the lavender farm !!!!

 I don't think I ever mention how much I love lavender in this space.
But I once said that I will marry whoever who gets me lavender if that person ever proposed.
Erm, I'm taking back my words but I still cannot describe how much I love these flowers in words.
It is just an instant mood lifter.

 Look at the pretty shade of purple !

 So pretty me think it makes me pretty too ~

The lavender concept store also so dam pretty !

Other plants/flowers surrounding the lavender
  Rosy red rose

 Giant Lettuce

 I have no idea what is this

Bee Products Store

 They have so many of this, showcasing different species of bees. 

Question : How did they keep the bees so intact ?

Farm House Cafe

 This is their in-house cafe where they sell food and drinks, and some in house products.
Strawberry smoothies , strawberry ice cream , strawberry tea, strawberry coffee (?!) and the list goes on.

There are also a yellow snake and some parrots for photo taking with the visitors.
Not sure of the price because I am too scared.

 Strawberry furniture

If that is too cool for you....

 You can choose to chill over here.

Obviously I'm on the cute side I like cute things *ahem

 Vegetables for sale !

Chocolate store.

Nothing much to say about a chocolate store, cause they just sell chocolates. 
But look ! 
Hand made chocolate with interesting flavours

 CURRY chocolates wtfwtf.

 CHILI chocolate wtfwtf

The shop keeper told us it is really spicy, if you are interested the chocolates are RM13.90 for each.

Moving on to the ....

Organic Vegetable/ Flower farm/ plantation

 At this place, you can self-pluck organic passion fruit .

 Bunny Cactus

Mushroom Farm !

  I heard that the mushroom chips they are selling taste great.

 Banana rider.
Just thought it looks wrong but cute at the same time

While waiting for the rest.

 Love the fruits from the store.
Honeydew /Rock melon was crunchy and juicy

That's all folks!

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