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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review : 2B Alternative Burn Fats Tummy & Arm

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Seen this picture on my instagram ? HAHAHAHAH

Some questions I get after I posted up this picture on my instagram !

Q1 .You so skinny already , still got what to lose?
I may look skinny but I don't really have a defined waist line ! Straight body wtf. I also have like a super huge tummy wtf sometimes I suspect there's a living thing in there. 

Q2 .Tell me more about the product ?

According to source , it adopts a new Heat Deep Penetrating(HDP) formula that reaches the fats cells layer with high speed fat burning. Therefore when the product is fully absorbed into skin, in about 1-2 mins after massaging, you will be able to feel the heat. Product absorbs fast and no sticky after feeling. Product contains caffeine.

Q3 . Does this product work ?
Here's my experience with the product. I had a month to try out the product before I write this blog entry. I have to be honest, I didn't use it for exactly a month. I stopped for a week with I had menses and I use it once every two days. I had sensitive skin and I am paranoid. The first time I applied it on my tummy, I couldn't feel anything. As in , there was no warm burning feeling or itch. That's weird and that's also what I experience with various brands of slimming cream. Thankfully , for the next few applications, I start to feel the warm feeling and also feel that my waist line is more firmed up and defined. So my answer is yes, it works for me :)

Q4 . How do you apply the product ?
For tummy, I would apply the cream then uZap with my OSIM uZap (likeduh)!
For arms, I would apply the cream on the lower part of my arm, then twist my arms (with one hand of course)

Q5 . How much did you lose ?

Tummy area.
 Before : 30cm.    After : 27cm.

On the arms
 Before : 10 " -----   After : 9" .

Will I continue to use ?
My answer is Yes, reason being ---- the results on me proved that it works !
I like how the experience is so comfortable and of course the satisfying results.

I'm currently trying on my thighs, hopefully I will lose some inches there too !

Disclaimer : What works for me might not work for you.
2B Alternative products are available in all Guardian Pharmacy Singapore.


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