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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dance class @ Recognize Studios ft. 5th Gatsby Dance Competition + Giveaway !

Not a joke at all  because I really danced and I think I did fairly well.
I would like to thank Recognize studios and Gatsby for organising and hosting us to such a fun dance experience !
Le me and my outfit! 
A bit cannot make it cause I didn't know what to wear.
Should have worn jeggings or something.
End up I removed my jacket cause it was too warm.

 Us preparing to warm up and dance
With Joey , Ruiting & Hp !

We did two classes during the session , the first one being the Street Jazz and the second one is the Kpop Beginner. Have always wanted to try doing kpop dances but HAHA .

Our instructor was really patient and go through step by step with us.
The other half of the class doing the street jazz dance while we wait, and later vice versa.

Personally I felt that street jazz was a little too tough for me, I think need a lot of practice la !
After the street jazz class, it's the kpop class.

I think watch video tells you what we do in the class better right ?
Your wish is granted.

I think I not bad lor , really.

Group picture of us and Jolene !

With instructor and co-founder !

You must be wondering why is the class lesson linked to the Gatsby Dance Competition and what is it about.

Recognize Studios is the official Dance studio for the competition and Gatsby Dance Competition is for all Dance people from 13-25 years old to join. Up to 3 members per team !

Registration ended on the 5th Jan and the preliminary round is just a few days away( 19 Jan).
Judges like Fishboy, Charisma Kantaro ( organiser for Dance @Live) will be here in town for the judging and maybe show some moves.

What's so big deal about the competition ?
Participants gets to Japan in March ! ( ehhhh bloggers can go also not ?)
Not all, but the WINNER for the Singapore Finals gets to go over to Tokyo, Japan for the Asia finals where they compete with dancers from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and of course the host country Japan !

More stuff about the Singapore Finals !
- It's happening on 2 Feb 2013.
- Grand winner for the SG Finals gets to represent Singapore to compete and all expenses paid !
- Cash prizes up to SGD $3000

Asia Finals :
- All expense paid dance exchange tour to any 1 of the 8 countries,
-& Cash prizes up to SGD $8000

For more information , check out the Gatsby Dance Competition Singapore Facebook Page !

Thanks to Gatsby , I have a mini giveaway !

What you need to do is to answer 2 simple questions and follow some steps !

Step 1: "like" My facebook page 
Step 2: Go and comment in this "JOIN THE GATSBY GIVEAWAY" status of mine,tell me your answers and tell me which set you want !
Step 3: Simple as that ! & I'll pick a winner for each set !

The two questions are :
1. Who is the official Dance studio for the 5thGatsby Dance Competition?
2. Name one of the guest judge for the competition .

p/s:  Giveaway ends on the 19th Jan2013


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