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Saturday, January 12, 2013

iFly @ Sentosa experience !

Here comes our ifly experience !
Special thanks before Fenny had complimentary tickets for 2 skydives for the iFly !

Fenny & I with our boarding passes !

Watch our mini vlog !

Things I never say in the video :

It was quite an experience because I never thought that I would ever try this thing out.
Look , I even had problems with the rides in the theme parks.
It came in as a surprise when Fenny offered me this, I was like, wa Fen also not scare so should be okay + it's free. Aiya just go ba hahahaha.
End up we both quite scared but I'm proud of ourselves because even my friends ask me why I went for it out of the blue.

We didn't take much pictures because no photography signs were everywhere but end up our instructor say it's okay to take pictures after the flight.

Anyway !
We reported to the ifly building, registered our interest where we had to fill in the form to prove that we are safe for the flight. Then we proceed on to a pre-flight training where we were first asked to sit in this room where it looks like we are inside a plane and watch videos. Introduction videos about freefall and ifly.
Next, we proceed on the next room to watch another video, a tutorial video where they show us what we are expected of in the wind tunnel. Sign signatures and body postures. Things like that.

Then our instructor comes in  (!!!!), we had to do this arc body postures and some practices before we can fly in the tunnel. This training really helped us a lot. In face pre-flight took up more time than the current sky dives.

Next up, we geared up and remove all accessories. Belongings are to be kept in the lockers. ($2) Instructor checks and make sure everything is ok before allowing us to the waiting area.
Oh and tie up your hair ! I bun-ed up my hair but still ended up in knots.


Ya la this is the official video from iFly Singapore

Picture with our veryyyyyy handsome instructor Harvest & our flying certificates !

What I suggest :
- Don't watch denim shorts.
I suggest wearing something more comfortable like elastic band shorts or cotton shorts. Jeggings is good
-Wear laced up shoes.
Fenny wore sandals and had to pay extra $4 for the socks and loan of shoes.
- Bring hair serum
Although both of us tied up our hair, thanks to the wind our hair were in tangled up. Pissed off with hair the whole day.
- Go with an open mind.
Although I am still quite scared, it was fun overall and everyone just try it out.

Rates and package gotten from the official website.

43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01
Singapore 099010
Tel : +65 6571 0000

That's all folks!


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