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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sponsored Review : Bio Essence , BIO SPRING WATER (Miracle spring water)

I'm sure all of us have seen the bio essence's bio spring water advert on TV, endorsed by pretty Hong Kong actress Linda Chung. Glad that they send me some samples to try out before I make my purchase. I've been using related products like this but I was kinda surprised to hear that it can be used on the hair !

Easy to use because you just need to hold the bottle at a distance (at about 20cm away?) and just spray to where ever you want. I just leave it to dry by itself but I guess you can pat dry also.

The droplets on my hand !

I use spring thermal water for my face to set my make up and to refresh my face when I'm out with makeup. I normally carry one in my bag just in case. I also use it when I'm rushing to finish my work after I wash my face, so  I skip toner and moisturizer and replace it with this. The Bio spring water for me works well with my make up and gets absorbed fast.

The Bio Essence Bio Spring Water is ideal for face as :

  •  controls oil efficiently 
  • refine pores
  • whitens and brighten skin 
  • firms skin with better elasticity 
  • lifts skin 
  • reduces dark circles 
  • reduces eye bags
  • relieves sensitive skin 
  • relieves pimples & reduce redness
  • use after makeup for longer lasting & natural look 
  • moisturizes and nourishes skin 
  • relieves tiredness, energizing 
  • soothes skin after treatment.

Spraying them on my eczema areas ! HEHE 
I also spray when irritating mosquitoes decided to give me some love bites. 
I had some rashes on my neck today and it was so itchy and red. I sprayed the Bio Spring Water and the irritation went off like in about 10 seconds as well as the redness too.

The Bio Spring Water for body helps to :
  • Refresh and soothes skin after exercise 
  • Soothes and calms damage skin 
  • Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin 

Okay I do not know that spring water can be used on hair, so it's a first time for me. HAHA

The Bio Spring water helps to

  • Moisturize for lustrous hair 
  • Relieves dryness and split ends

The best immediate way of showing the results I thought is through my hair ,so before is dry hair and after is hair with more shine ! 
Side note , I need to get my roots touched up soon.

Apart from that , the product also can soothe baby's diaper rashes.
Sigh, look at Avvie's face :(

I've started trying the product on her face so I'm hoping for the good results soon. And i think it's only fair to give the product some time. Ya, and this girl puts everything into her mouth.


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I quite like this product because one bottle and it takes care of my face to my hair to my body.
Perfect for the lazy me hahahaha.
The Bio Spring Water is easily available at all Watsons & Guardian.
Or here! : http://www.bebeauty.com.sg/store/product_info.php?shopby=brand&brandID=4&series1=59&products_id=319

It is retailing at $12.90 for 100 ml, and $28.90 for 300ml.

That's all.
Hope this review is useful !


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