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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sponsored Review: Biore Facial Scrub

YAYNESS with Biore decided to send me their new products to try out !
Biore is a brand that have been loved by many. 
It's affordable and good to use.

I've been using Biore Facial Foam and the Scrub and I stayed loyal. #evidence

I was allowed to choose the facial foam of my choice so I chose to have baby soft smooth skin!
The new facial foam has a nice smell and it is the first cleanser than supports and boost skin's natural ablitiy to self renew. The cleansing chemical does not penetrate into skin therefore low irritation. In fact no irritation at all for my sensitive skin! It is also the first cleanser that works to re balance skin. I've tried the new facial foam for more than 14 days and I can say that I've a much more hydrated skin , especially on my cheeks(easiest to be dehydrated) and less oil on my T-zone. I don't have clogged pores to begin with but the cleanser is supposed to improve clogged pores and reduction in sebum and also to lighten marks and blemishes. 
The NEW! Biore Facial Scrub. 

The Biore Facial Foam products uses the Skin Purifying Technology which has a high cleansing efficacy. It does not penetrate to the skin which means no damage towards the skin ! Also non residue, non irritating and therefore vitalize our skin.

Pink little micro-beads to be working on my skin . 
They are so fine you don't even feel that they exist.

My experience with the new biore products :
I LOVE IT. I love how affordable it is and how easily available. I know that the facial scrub can be used alone but I kiasu, so I used it with my Biore Facial foam most of the time. Facial foam first then facial scrub. As I've mentioned, the scrub has fine particles that I can't even feel at all. It has a nice fragrance and thanks to the SPT, I'm glad it is suitable for my eczema skin.

My Ratings : 4/5

Hope my review helps !


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