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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sydney Day 4 : Tobruk Sheep Station

Rest really early on Day 3. Sydney don't really have night life anyway. 
Brought subway for breakfast and ate it while travelling.

Early morning train ride to Macquarie Park Station.
I think la, I remember it's one stop after Macquarie university.

It was about half an hour ride from the museum station and we had to switch trains. 
Nearly puke out my subway sandwich wtf.
p/s : I like the idea of having carrots in my sandwich.
Daryl and his just wake up face.

Group picture of us at the train station. #worthremembering
Even the train station can have a nice picture.
I'm still confuse over how the train station works but there's a list of buttons for the city rail stations. So I think you have to either buy concession or buy your tickets everyday. ( what we did)

And yup, anyone can get into the platform without going through gates. There's no gates anyway .
Jocelyn ahyi picking us up from the train station ! 
We were standing in front of the neighbourhood library.

 Didn't went in because it was a public holiday that day . Meh.
Gathered, and our host family drove down to the Tobruk Sheep Station. It was about an hour to two hour car ride.

Spent two nights here !
Snapping pictures while we wait for the homestead to be ready for us.
With Auntie Carol & Jocelyn !

Piggies next door. Really adorable.
Horse at our backyard !

Roamed around the farm while waiting as well.

Lunch was instant noodles. From Australia supermarket.

HAHAHAAH After that , we went missing for the next few hours !
Nap time !

See my just wake up face. Obviously can see that I'm the last one that wakes up. 
My kakis don't wake me up from nap times, I also don't know why.

Because the area is very spacious and cold due to the wind.
We had to stand under the sun to keep warm wtf. 
I'm not even wearing jeans, it's cotton jeggings wtf.

While I am trying to get awake, the host family and kakis prepares for dinner today .

Daryl & Johnson's attempt to make a fire. The caveman style wtf. 
I just... stand and watch show only.
They managed to get some smoke out but no fire.
Lucky we didn't depend on them for fire.
We might just starve for the night.
Leemei, Joce & Auntie Carol preparing at the Kitchen ! 

Our host dad managed to get the campfire set up .
Lovin' the colors on the skyline.

Campfire dinner .
It was a memorable experience for us although we smelled quite bad after that. HAHA. 
It was my first time having a BBQ( considered la) and not over-killed by the heat. 
It's like your face is in Singapore but your back is in Sydney ( cause of the cool wind) .

Near to the end of dinner, we put our feet on the rocks that was surrounding the fire to keep warm. Quite a nice feeling !

My attempt to shoot the moon , apparently it looks bigger in Sydney than in Singapore.
I wish I had a tripod with me though. Quite a waste that I (all of us) didn't had good shots.  :/

Anyway, that's all folks !
More of Tobruk Sheep Station coming up !


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