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Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I think I got nice hair

As the tittle suggest, I'm gonna share my chio hair secret!
I do get people asking me , why your hair so soft, where you do your treatment, do you go salon to wash your hair often. ANSWER IS NO.  Lao Niang not so rich thanks.
Okay maybe not chio hair, more of my remedy to nice hair.

The only reason I can think of why I have nice hair is probably because of my hair dryer.

I cannot remember how much is it , but I think I bought it at $98 when it's usual is $139  ( If i am not wrong) 

Unboxing it. ^^

I used to invest in different kinds of hair products before I decided to buy this hair dryer like hair serum , hair treatment water and what nots. Hair products does help but it is not the solution to healthy hair. But do you know that a hair dryer can actually make or break your hair ?

Cheapo hair dryers ( like those you see in hotels ) actually damages your hair , and this might be due to the heat produced in the dryer . And that probably explains why you see hair dryers can be so bloody expensive. 

Why I love my hair dryer so much ?

After I bought my hair dryer, I stopped buying/ using all my hair care products. This hair dryer could SMOOTHEN my hair without me using any products and it just works like magic. It doesn't burn my fingers or it is too hot for my hair. The temperature remained at a certain degree that would dry the hair the fastest and yet not burning your hair follicles.

How I maintain my hair condition ?

Apart from justttt depending on my hardy hair dryer ( HAHAHAHA) , I reduce the use of hair mousse/wax/spray because it is the most damaging when the residue of these products are not remove thoroughly. Trim my hair from time to time, say 3/6 months ? I also do massage to my scalp and protect from the scalp. Try to minimise the number of times I dye or any other things (eg, perm) to my hair.


Hope this is helpful !


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