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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catch a breather

Because I have not been out for some social activities. I was so happy I managed to go out yesterday.
Even I had to laugh at myself. #foreveralone.

Lunch at Everything with Fries. 
Because both of us will be flying off this Sunday. 
Me to Penang and Anderson to Beijing. 

 One egg soup. ($3.90)
It tastes ridiculously good for me while A wasn't really sure if he liked it. He say one la.
Our $3.90 includes a Ice Lemon Tea too. Awesome.

 Wild NZ King Salmon ($18.90) 
This is good, but a bit too expensive I feel.
 Char-grilled Char Siew ($15.90) 
I feel so yucks about it. A think it's average.
 Nutella Tart ($6.90)
Not too sweet, quite likey it too.

While our meal there there's this stupid bird that keep flying around and into preparation areas of the shop wtf. I am never going back to the restaurant again. It is not EWF's fault but the Mall's Management. 
Food x Bird just don't go together. Major NO.

Too full so we walked to Plaza Sing to get A's stuff !
Walked past GSM building and found an interesting place > Stuttgart Blackforest.

A retail store selling German products. There's a cafe inside too. 
Didn't try, prices are a little steep for me. We were full anyway.

low quality pictures from my phone cause I took sneakily.

 The pretty cuckoo clocks retailing more than a thousand. At least.

At Level 2, where I manage to snap with my Tr-150

 Private room 

  View of cafe from upstairs

Dinner is over at Cine with Fenny & Don.
Fenny had a performance at Scape warehouse.

Since I was at Cineleisure, remember my entry to #cnos2 ?
Would really really appreciate it !!! 
Will provide more details soon ! x 
 Don & I waiting for Fenny's turn 
 Fenny on stage.

Le me today. #ootd
 I likey this romper a lot so I deserve a full body shot.
I likey this shot too, already on my instagram but I really like it. 
Follow me on IG @yourapplepie 

Team #slutred taking a chill pill.
Have not walked for so much a distance in a while my legs are hurting so much.

Ended off the day with Udders Ice Cream with Daryl and Jocelyn.

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