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Thursday, March 14, 2013

#CNOS Challenge 2 @E2Max ft. My boyfriend cheat on me what should I do?

Have you been caught in a situation where your boyfriend cheats on you and you feel SOOOOOOOOO lost you do now know what to do ? I know I'm not some love guru but I do know that every girl deserves better and therefore we have to treat each other better. 


My solution to a cheating boyfriend is simple, JUST LEAVE HIM.
Do it once? He will do it twice.
Either you don't complain or you cry and have a break off.

But again, feeling down and what not are normal for a break up and have no place to go?
Well, go to E2 Max, a place you can relax and vent all your frustration ! (*´▽`*) プッ

E2 Max is an entertainment centre located at Orchard Cathy Cineleisure , Level 9.
When I was there the first time I was like , HUH LEVEL 9? CINELEISURE GOT 9 LEVELS?!

Oops sorry, back to what you should do after the breakup!

First Stop : DARTS Soul.

Simple , just set the target (which is the board) as that cheating boyfriend and throw the darts !
You can get the darts from the IC (for free) , pay only when you want to record your scores.
Which again, you can choose to or not to record the scores.

Second Stop : the computer games

This place is every gamers' favourite.
With a wide variety of game choices for you, the place is also well- equipped with the gaming gadgets.
Don't ask me la k , I'm not a gaming expert !

 Set the enemies in the game as the cheating boyfriend. 

My favourite game is L4D2 . KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES.
Get it?

Gaming in progess , don't disturb

p/s : It is not healthy to be sitting in front of the computer for too late, remember to go for toilet breaks and stretch yourself !

Still angsty?

Moving on to the third stop : The wacking machine

Putting this last because if you use too much strength , your hand would hurt !
Now, vent your anger on this machine !

Less angsty now? Feeling much better now?
Moving on : Playstation 
 4 play station installed with PS 3 for you to play 
Each play station is installed with different games, you don't get to choose though. 
Tired of standing? Or too shy to continue playing? 

 Duffy say : " Shhhh, don't tell others that this play station is free to play! "

Move on to the next stop.
Prize Station !
 Plushies make me happy , and I think it is the same for the all girls.
okay most girls.
Here at Prize Station, every one gets to bring home a plushie you like at a cheaper price.
Very much depending on your skills.
Sad people always get the best luck there , for unknown reasons.

 And obviously this is my favourite machine.
♪同じアホなら♪ヽ(^^ヽ)♪(/_ _ )/♪踊らにゃソンソン♪ 

Last but not least, the most comfortable stop !
 This is what I call the Chambers.
Individual rooms available to be booked , with prices ranging from $10- $25 per hour.

Book a room to chill, watch a *movie or continue to play some *kinect or *xbox games !
*prices varies

Energy all maxed out ! Feeling positive again !

For more of what is in E2Max @ Orchard Cathy Cineleisure, watch the video below !

And my bloopers !

Last but not least,祝你分手快乐!

E2 Max Cineleisure 
8 Grange Road, #09-00, 239695
6738 5498 ‎ · e2max.com.sg


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