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Saturday, March 9, 2013

#CNOS2 The NOMNOM Challenge.

OH Gosh !!!
I'm like nearly twelve hours late for submission !
Just came back from Penang this morning and gosh, I was away for one week.

So I'm part of the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation Version 2.0 #throwconfetti

The first challenge being the food challenge !

When I received the challenge, I was like flick hair first , then say should be okay la.
I'm a glutton and I ate a lot. ( Share my diet later k) 

This food challenge also bring back a lot of memories for me. 
Cause last year this time I was an intern ! Also the reason why I wasn't part of the first version of CNOS.
I work 6 days a week and the hours don't really allow you to do much things. 
Why so much memories ? 
While I was working a stone's throw away from Cathy Cineleisure Orchard and most of the time if I have to takeaway food from the food court at Cineleisure Basement 1. If I don't Dabao from there , I would bring food from home. 

The first time I takeaway food back to my workplace, I had Japanese Food from the Cineleisure Basement Koufu. The prices were good for value and portion was just nice ! After that I had mixed vegetable rice most of the time. HAHA.
If you are craving for kway chap or chicken rice, you can try the ones at the food court too. 
I also remember having breakfast with my colleagues after a rehearsal for company filming there too !

Also on some of the days when I feel a little richer, I would go for a chicken/salmon pepper lunch at the Pepper Lunch Express also available at Koufu!

 When I feel even richer, I would go have pasta mania ! I remember during that time, there's student promotion which means less 20% for pastas ! Good Deal.

Well, during my intern days, I end work at either 8-9.
Shift work timings sucks, I really had no life that time !
Thankfully Cineleisure is just around the corner !
I would meet my friends to have a nice dinner at A.venue Bistro.

Boy :" Hello Angie, wanna meet me out for dinner ?"

Nice ambiance, lovely decor, and super yummy cheese sticks I love !

If we want some Japanese food, Shokudo is the next nice place !

 I like the seats at the glass windows, I don't even know the reason why. 
I guess it's a nice spot to observe people and sometimes it gets quite funny too.
P/s : This place is good for dates !

 I've never tried their desserts despite the raves but I like the mains ! 
Rosti with curry is $8.80 ! I like the omu rice with chicky meat and curry (pic on the right) 

Last Saturday I had a meet up with Fenny to catch a movie and spend time together. 
Nuff said, watch the vlog first !

Yup yup, we had our lunch at the newly opened Nikon Mura !
If you like sushi, you cannot miss this place.
Having their pricing strategy with one plate $1.50 each, now you get to fix your sushi crave in Cineleisure !

Definitely not forgetting some after desserts. I love milk tea and I love Artease . 
Not heavy for the tummy and get to quench my thirst from too much talking.

Tip: Always ask for less ice for better milk tea taste !

You can also go have some Frolick for desserts too ! 
By just looking at the amount of toppings they have are way too attracting. 
Not to mention the pretty frolick girls !
Soon enough , it's movie time ! 

Nothing to do after movie ?

 Shabu shabu for dinner and off we go for a never ending gossip session !

Recommended for all carnivores and maybe not so for a glam date. 
Not gonna share that we had because you need to try it out yourself !

I hope my food guide is useful and you enjoyed reading.

Thank you all sweets for reading and motivating me the whole day !
Hwaiting for the next challenge, it's gonna get sensational !
Remember some lovely tasty handmade rock candies by STICKY before you leave Cineleisure .

P/S: doodles images are from google.


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