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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Figurines, only in 7- Eleven stores !


I'm only of the lucky few to attend the launch of Hello Kitty x Toki Doki collaboration with 7-11. 
So there's a report of what happen at 6pm last evening ! 
The tokidoki designer, Simone Legno have given kitty some new outfits and date partners. With a total of 10 figurines to collect, they are EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE @ 7-11 stores.

With Samantha , which I've not seen her for quite some time ! *hug*
& our friendship started because of our love for Hello Kitty !
I remember our first conversation was about hello kitty ! HAHAHA.

Since the collection can only be found in 7-11 stores, & we were at the store at UE Square( one of the bigger stores) .We took the opportunity to have a shop tour .

I remember those days where I have very little time for breaks and all I could get is a quick bite, I would always do to 7-11! Then buy cup noodles , walk and eat at the same time.
While in UE Square, the 7-11 store actually has its own little sitting area for all patrons to enjoy their food. I personally think that it is like a trend, to create space for customers to make them feel comfortable. #lifeofaretailstudent
 Pastries !

 Assorted sandwich ( my favourite) - $2.80- $3
If I have less budget, I would go for the QB Pocket sandwich which is $1.30- $1.70 !

Quick Bite Signature Selection 

 4 western & asian meals for every one's palate . ($3.90)
- Beef Rendang with Fragrant Rice
- Butter Chicken Biryani
-Teriyaki Chicken With Pearl Rice
- Soya Sauce Chicken Rice

Quick snack + mee goreng station !

& more quick bite desserts !

Apart from all the om nom nom, the store also take cares of the emergency times, with their shelves all filled up with daily essentials

What had surprised me is this rack of wine next to the magazines.

After the tour, it's dinner time !
Rachel , Xue Ling , Samantha, Christina and I sat together so we got some food to share.
 Butter Chicken Biryani, Mee Goreng, Italian Cheese Pizza and Teriyaki Chicken with Pearl rice!

Disclaimer : Do not expect mircowave food to be like restaurant standard.

7-eleven works with famous chef to come out with the recipes for the signature selection and they uses a special breathable(i guess) seal so you do not have to open the seal before putting it in the microwave.  This is good because it would be too hot to take out from the microwave and you would not have to risk  the food spilling all over. 

I thought the butter chicken biryani would be spicy but it wasn't. Mee Goreng was surprisingly good and I like the chicken from the teriyaki chicken set !

If you do not like to have such a big piece of pizza, you can get the pizza bars. Available in 3 flavours ( chicken hawaiian, tuna & cheese, Crab & Cheese) - $2.60 each.

  Underrated pastries sold in 7-11 !
 & dayum Waffles !

 Tricia and Christina won themselves a limited edition headset for being the best dress and for having the best tokidoki collection respectively.

Pictures with the other bloggers !

Step1 :  Walk to your nearest 7-11
Step 2 : Spend $4 to get one stamp
Step3 : Spend even more, 6 stamps + $3.90 or 18 stamps to get a figurine. 

Sneak Preview for the Hello Kitty Figures!

Not just that, with a minimum spending of $5, stand a chance to win a 2D1N stay at Tune Hotel(Danga Bay) & standard tickets to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town for 4 person. 12 prizes to be won!
Also , present your original Hello Kitty Tokidoki ox to enjoy 10% off standard tickets at the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town . < T&C Apply >

This promotion will run from 27 March to 4 June 2013, or while stock last.

Thank you Nuffnang for the opportunity !


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