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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Art of the Brick , by Nathan Sawaya

 Since I can't go to the Legoland Malaysia so soon, I cannot miss this exhibition that was listed as one of CNN's top 10 " Global Must-See Exhibitions". Indeed. The exhibit was amazing and I really liked it. This is still ranked before Andy Warhol. I love the fact that they allowed photography, but again. This exhibit is worth a visit. Adeline and I paid $15 each for the art of brick and Outside in by Magnum Photos. Usual price is $18 for both but Singaporeans get a discount !

tip: remember to show ic !


The Artist Studio

The Catwalk

" INSIDE - When we're born, we're all given a shell to live in. And one of the joys of living is being able to fill it in any way we like. " - Nathan Sawaya

"EVERLASTING-  Love lives forever. It outlives youth and a flat stomach and a full head of hair. And that's what makes it beautiful" - Nathan Sawaya

 " STEP LADDER- Sometimes when you're looking for a step up, you don't have to look any further than yourseld. We're all capable of more than we think" - Nathan Sawaya

The Portrait Gallery

 I would like to have one of this art pieces in my living room in my future house.

The Drawing Board

 " WRITER- Let your big ideas flow. When you let your creativity loose, be it in writing, art, music or whatever, your ideas take on a life of their own . So take those big ideas and set them free" - Nathan Sawaya

" OVERCOME- Obstables. You can let them stand in your way. Or you can overcome them and leave them in your rear-view mirror" - Nathan Sawaya

The Emotion Box

" GRASP- No matter where your heart wants to lead you, there will be hands that try to hold you back. Life's challenge is to find strength to break free. " - Nathan Sawaya
The Art of Play

Enjoyed myself so much and so impressed !


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