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Friday, April 26, 2013

#cnos2 Picnic @ Marina Barrage !

I don't know why we didn't thought of us being in Singapore.

Anyway it was Clinton's birthday we had a gathering cum birthday celebration for Clinton !

Look at the food we brought !
I helped Noelle to make her jello while I prepared crepe cake ! (recipe here)

Had so much food we wouldn't finish !
Pamela made yummy korean rice cake while Joey got smoulder molten cakes so good I want it now!
I LOVE the dark chocolate and hazelnut molten cakes from smoulder!!!
Don cooked cola wings, Vivian made sausages and potato salads from Clinton !
We spent much time talking and the couples just go do their things.

The most epic moment is when we do a gwoyimi video in Marina Barrage, everyone was looking at us !
But it was quite funny and more fun ! Watch and you will know why !

Wish we had more time for this kind of life , can't wait for the next gathering !


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