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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hatyai Wednesday

During my trip back to my grandma's please, we went over to Hatyai (which is part of thailand if you do not know) . Shermane and Regina was kinda amazed by how we got over because we drove in. 
My uncle is awesome. 
In their tweet, they said they amazingly went to thailand . wtf hahaha.

Hatyai is really near to Alor Star , a pity we didn't get over to Langkawi because it was just one ferry ride away from Alor Star. Ermmm, not inclusive the journey from my haos to the ferry terminal . I think it's an hour. OKAY NOT THE POINT. 

Back to Hatyai !!!!!!!!!!
I have to tell you that shopping is horrible in Hatyai if you are looking are clothes. 
All I bought was a Sanrio Hello Kitty water bottle (real deal hor) and a fake ray ban which I don't know why I got it. I had so much fun bargaining and tada, bought it cause too paiseh to troll the seller.
Bottle was 150 Baht, Shades 100 baht.

Stop over at this chicken rice shop before arriving at Hatyai !
Heard that it is very popular among the local and tourists , even the king of Thailand came for the food too.

Sorry I don't know what is the address but I know the contact no. !!!

 MANGO. 超爱

Shop around.

& Massage !!!!!! 
Leg , hand, shoulder , head massage all for 250 baht per pax.
I think any shop is good .
 Picture with my uncle !

Dinner was at the restaurant next to东方燕窝
Hatyai is good for its bird's nest and sharkfin(!!!)
No meat cause I don't rike meaty !

 And how can we not have sharkfin soup! Ultimate favourite.
Dinner was about 3800 baht if I remember correctly and if you know well, it isn't very cheap.

Spent the whole day there and back to home !
Ending with a picture of us and my grandma !



  1. Next time can try the food at Kan Eng Restaurant (甘英饭店)and their roadside coconut ice cream.


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