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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Penang Thursday Friday

I've always not toured Penang and luckily I had a day to go so during this trip! 
Flight was 8 AM in the morning and our thursday were free. So we decided to stay one night over at Penang and tour the place .
We chose Chualia Heritage Hotel , you can read my review HERE.

My uncle sent us to the hotel first, and we checked in and left for all goodies in Penang. 
Chualia Heritage Hotel was near to almost everywhere, which is a good thing cause we could just walk around. Before I start, I would like to tell you that this is a bad guide for a one day tour in Penang. I can only learn from my mistake and make it a better one the next time.

First Stop 

First stop was lunch , I can't remember what is this place called but it is quite famous. 
The food there was a disappointment, my recommendation is to avoid this place. #honest.

3 layered milk tea. 
I love this drink but I must tell you that the one I had in the picture was horrible.

Asam Laska
NOT NICE. Sorry to say, but it is really not up to standard. 
I grew up eating asam laska, even my birthday party my mum serves asam laksa so I'm quite an expert in this. #trustme I don't understand why is it so famous, or isit just not up to standard on the day I visited.

Char Kway Teow 
This is edible, average thou.
Chendol. Yums

Walked over to the Komtar Bus Terminal where we took a bus to the next stop.

Bus Fare was only RM2 !!!

Second Stop 

Kek Lok Si temple. BAD CHOICE.
The bus ride there was 45 mins plus the walking, the journey up was close to 2 hours.
Of course there are many things to see there, but I was looking forward to seeing more places. There are many attractions near our hotel and we didn't visit. Le sigh. Felt sorry for my dear friends too. Not recommended if you only have a day there.

Third Stop

New Lane food centre.
Most tourists go to Gurney Drive , but nah I don't like to crowd with tourists, plus new lane is nearer to us as well. Food there was so much better than what we had for lunch !

Prawn Mee
Fried Oyster

Chicken wings, I don't know why but it is very Singaporean's favourite.

Carrot Cake
Asam Laska 
Again because I wasn't happy with the horrible one for lunch. HAHA.
Thankfully this one was much better.

Hokkien Mee
Curry mee

Went to Times Square and guess what we saw !

Full house in Penang !

erm, that sums up my Penang trip.

Loves ,

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