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Monday, April 29, 2013



I'm finally managed to sit down in front of my computer and I think I will just keep everything short.
Today ( 28 April 2013 ) is a really fruitful day,I'm with another meido group now , same peeps but different objective. I've always wanted to be in a mobile cafe concept group because it means more fun and less commitment , and here I am to share with you my first event with this team.

Pika Pika Meido Cafe.

I'm glad that the girls I'm working with are the girls I met mostly through EOY and I really like them <3
Well, just some pictures to share what happened at the mobile meido cafe at the Bukit Batok cosplay competition today !

I didn't manage to snap pictures of myself in meido but luckily Vivian came to support and managed to snap some pictures !

 Cake pop & cupcakes from the mobile cafe !
We had some merchandise sold in the cafe and of course things you would expect in an authentic meido cafe. #memories

& then the spastic me doing nonsense.

If you are interested in Pika Pika Meido cafe services and more about us : 

Of course there are many other things happening at the same time , but I wasn't  paying much attention.  Except that this super funny host that treat everyone like kids and made the competition like an assembly session. Ask everyone to keep quiet and sit down to watch performance (wtf)
Dude, you made my day !

Meido Team

Thanks to everyone who came to support the girls and I ! Greatly appreciate it and proud to say that today's event is a success ! Although tickets were sold out wayyyyyyyy before the event commerce  many still came and tried to get in. You guys are amazing. (Y)

I would also like to thank Suzume for being such a great planner and opening the opportunity to us. To the other girls, I can't wait to serve at future events together with you all. So many fun and I love all our talks and many little things we do. x

Tatas! Long day ahead.


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