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Thursday, April 25, 2013

SEA Aquarium 海洋馆

My goodness, edit pictures until I wanna puke.

Nonetheless, I'm really happy that I've finally went to the SEA Aquarium @ Resorts world Sentosa.

Finally somebodeh wants to go gaigai with me.

Going to the aquarium with Ben !

Strait of Karimata & Java Sea

We went on a Friday afternoon, thinking that it is still a weekday but it turns out to be so crowded. 
The children were screaming around !

Standing on the glass floor. 

Strait of Malacca & Andaman Sea

Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea

 Ocean Journey

Open Ocean

The legendary world biggest ... aqarium tank ? In a fish eye view.

Adopted this from Andy's blog ! 
Well, this is what I wanna see in the SEA Aquarium !!! :(

Actually this is the place where I believe to be the Adventure Cove's snorkelling station, 

This one. Read my adventure at the adventure cove HERE.

Persian Gulf & Arabian Sea

We met a sea apple, which is a relative to the sea cucumber.
Maybe I'm going to be a sea apple in my next life.
 Can you see the crayfish at the framed area? Didn't realise it until the crew told us !

 "Waddup bro"

 Hey pretty !
 The smaller fishes are so pretty. They look like mini rainbows !
Finding Nemo

 South China Sea

We also learned about the sea animals.
Are these your favourite food ? Good to know what to consume and what to avoid .

Avoid : Tiger prawns, bluefin tuna, flower carb, polka dot Grouper. 
What is okay to eat : Lobster, Abalone, mussels, scallops.
But don't eat too much !

Anyway flower crab don't have much flesh so don't waste money buying them. We were also told that i-cant-remember-what is now breed by humans, which is bad ! Because they had to remove the mangrove area to build the kelong and what not to reed them, this affects the taste of the seafood and also the mangrove habitat. All the mud skippers all lose their homes !

We also played another game with the crew  ; Spot the Sea Jellies aka jellyfish  
Sea turtles feed on sea jellies and what happen is that many inconsiderate humans have been dumping plastic bags that misled the sea turtles. The sea turtles then consume the plastic bags and because that is not what they eat, over a period of time, the sea turtles then starve to death. Yay for the sea jellies because the plastic bags saved their lives but nah for the sea turtles and the eco system. Because of all the death of the sea turtles, who ever that eats them has no food and it affects the whole system.

The staff later then gave us a shark each to color and pledge that we will not take shark products anymore. I couldn't do that so I brought the shark home.


Sharks Sea

 Okay there are no sharks in the pictures above but indeed we are at the place where the sharks are located.
They are so tiny now, can't wait for them to grow up and be more fierce .

I've enjoyed myself so much as we met a lot of epic visitors talking nonsense ( just like us). However, I keep comparing the trip with Sea Life Sydney, I know it is not very good to keep comparing the both of them but I really do prefer Sea Life more than The SEA Aquarium. Wide variety of fishes in SEA Aquarium but I'm really hoping for the fishes to grow up fast so I can plan my second visit.

I paid $20 for my ticket, thanks to the student discount. Remember to bring your student pass for the $9 discount.

That's all folks !


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