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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sponsored Review : 2B mask for face

Still remember my entry about 2B alternative for tummy and body?
ヽ( ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄)ノ ランラン♪

Because today's review is about the 2B Mask for face !!!!

I was elated when I received the email because I was so satisfied by the previous product I reviewed under the brand. Pardon my bare face , I was recently upset about quite a number of things and is having a mini breakout. Meh. And from the pictures , you can see that I have a tampered eyelid and a parallel  eyelid. #irritating.


To be honest, I don't really see much effects from this picture BUT I have to say that my face was quite small to begin with. From the picture above, I could see a litttlllllleeee more V-shape face on the picture on the right, but not very obvious la. CAN SEE CAN SEE?
I generally like facial masks with ear hooks as they work well most of the time. I was expecting it to have a burning sensation on the face, since its a slimming thing, but to my surprise the whole 15minutes was cooling and comfortable.  I felt a little numb on my cheeks after I remove the mask sheet, lasted about 30 seconds but nothing happened. I'm sorry I could not think of a way to measure my face width until I remove the mask sheet. #bimbomoments

Most of the ingredients used comes from france and they includes aloe and seaweed extract.
(meanwhile I'm eating seaweed while chunking this out)


There are 3 parts to the mask but application is really easy. ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆ 

1. Cover the cheeks, nose and adjust the mouth area,
2. First hooks to tighten cheeks
3. Second hooks to sharpen the chins.
4. Smooth out mask to fit face perfectly.

 Wait for 15 minutes and remove mask, massage the essence till it fully absorbs.
Do not have to wash away the residue of the essence , but I wash away due to sensitive skin.

More before/after pictures

Left profile.

  Right Profile

More defined jawline? :)

the top two pictures from the collage is the before picture, and the bottom two is the after picture. 
The circled area is what I call the 嘴边肉 (aka extra flesh at mouth area). This 嘴边肉 is super irritated and much more difficult to get rid of as compared to getting a v-shaped face. ( click to zoom if you can't see)

Look at the picture collage, realise that the 嘴边肉 is less obvious? I'm pleased that just one use of the mask and it is not so obvious. Will be looking forward to better results after several use. #happypie

You can pair it with the sister product ; the 2B for Face essence for 2.6times better results !

There's 4 pieces in a box and are available in all Guardian Pharmacy Singapore.

I would rate it 3/5 over my first use.
Disclaimer : What works for me might not work for you.
Once again , thanks for the goodies 2B alternative & hope this is useful ! (笑)

p/s : I saw the 山寨板的 2B alternative when I was in Malaysia,  ONLY SUPPORT THE REAL DEAL. 
It has the same packaging and almost the same brand name wtf. Do make sure you only get 2B and not 2 "x" Alternative.    (怒`・ω・´)ムキッ 


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