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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sponsored Review : Cuisine Master Hotpot

Special thanks to Mint & Cuisine Master Hotpot for the special treat. 

It was an eye opener when I had dinner over at Boat Quay on a Sunday evening. 
When Mint asked Fenny and I for a hotpot dinner, my first impression the dinner was to be the ones like Peck Seah street, $20 with free flow cheap ingredients and warm. 

The restaurant located along the Boat Quay takes up a shop house and outdoor seat for drinks. 
Hotpot available on second and third level and I recommend to book in advance. 

This was what was in front of my seat. 
Fruits and some appetizers.

Cuisine Master hotpot focuses a lot of the art of eating and never did I know that hotpot can be of such standards as well. Okay lah, maybe I suaku ok.
Okay we start off with the fruits platter !
Hot tea in the tea cup and some shao xing wine in the jue wine vessel.
What is a jue wine vessel? 

jue (Chinesepinyinjué) is a shape of Chinese ritual bronze, a tripod vessel or goblet used to serve or warm wine. It was used for ceremonial purposes by the Chinese of the XiaShang, and Zhou dynasties. Often the jué had a handle, sometimes in the shape of a dragon. It also has two protuberances on the top of the vessel, which were probably used when lifting the vessel out of heat.[1] As with other shapes, the surface may be decorated with taotie."
-Adapted from Wikipedia  

It was my first time drinking shao xing wine and it was surprisingly light and I super love the wine smell. 
We had it before the dinner because it was said to be good for health and best taken before a feast.
Appetizer Surprise
Left to right : Cherry tomatoes, bean veg and spiced peanuts. 
I think all of us super love the cherry tomatoes we had so much of them. (we asked for more)
Another Chinese wine served warm for the dinner.

We had a modified version of the $78 set so some of the dishes are different from the normal.
Please ask the restaurant to advice the cost if you would like try out what we had.

As you can see from the picture, they offer two soup base.We had mushroom broth ( dark colored) and chicken broth (white color). Different ingredients are placed in the different soups from time to time and the best part is that diners don't have to do it yourself. The staff are well trained in handling the food and they make sure that they are cooked to perfection. This service has been included in the dining experience with no extra cost, however if you like to do it yourself you can as well, which is what I don't recommend. The hotpot set had nine servings and by the end of the meal I was already full.

p/s : it comes with a little surprise too ! 
Visit them and you will know.

Do you know ?

Do you know what it is best to drink the soup before you place all the ingredients in it ? It is less healthier in fact harmful for the body to drink the after-steamboat soup as it contains acid that came from the food. IKR we all think that the best tasting soup is at its last. Well, not all things are saved for the last.

Baby abalones, scallops, fish maw and erm escargot (?)

Seafood platter- Fresh Grouper & Prawns

Ba Chu & Morel Mushrooms.

Ba Chu & Morel Mushrooms are rare mushroom and not served in many Singapore restaurants. It was my first try and the taste of the mushrooms are a little different from the usual variety.

Ba Chu Mushrooms (巴楚菇)are grown in the wild and have high nutrition and medical value.The distribution area for the mushrooms are in Xin Jiang , China.
Morel Mushroom provides an antioxidants to protect healthy cells. Consumption of morel mushroom can also help improve liver function. It can be found in North America and are in season from April to June.

Chef's special prepared Shrimps and Pork balls.
The staff cooked the food to the perfect timing that everything is at its best taste.  (Y)
Freshly sliced Chicken Meat
Well marinated and I believe they included shao xing wine in it.
Sliced Kurobuta Meat (pork)
Special Home- made noodles

The noodles consists of four colors and each are made from four different vegetables. What is in the picture is a smaller portion of the "Budda jump over wall" noodles. We added the special made in house chili sauce and it tasted even better.

The restaurant also serve home made noodles and they are available without the hotpot.
Vegetarian Noodles $16.80
Special Edition "Budda jump over the wall" Noodles $22.80

Ending the special dinner with a surprise mocktail !
p/s : No makeup because I didn't expect it to be so atas.

Cheers to our friendship and a great year ahead !

Level 1

If you are looking for a place to chill at Boat Quay, do remember that the Cuisine Master Hotpot has a bar that serve drinks. Located in the middle of the stretch, the view is definitely not disappointing.

Address : 68 Boat Quay Singapore 049856
Nearest MRT Station : Clarke Quay MRT / Raffles Place MRT
Contact no. :  +65 6438 9979


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