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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sponsored Review : Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar

Having dinner over at Onaka Restaurant was one of the privileges I had earlier this month. The restaurant located at a stone thrown distance away from the Labrador Park MRT Station serves a specialty of Conscious Cuisine, merging the tastes of Asian culinary cultures together with the modern Western. The restaurant's name ONAKA represents Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts. Using only wholesome and selective organic ingredients, the restaurant's passion is to nurture their diners with the best, nutritionally balanced and delicious food. 

When dining with ONAKA, one does not have to worry the handling of the ingredients and the calories. They promote Low Glycemic food and only use whole grain.  
Let's start the nutritious gastronomic feast ! 

Shooters and dips

Asian hummus ($10)

Bread Basket (available upon advance request) 

Omega Soy Smoothies ($10) 
Mango x Banana X Organic Vanilla Soymilk with cinnamon and chia seeds.
For all you girls who refused to eat.

Cold Appetizers

Watermelon Sashimi ($8) 

Is this watermelon or sashimi?
This is watermelon made into a sashimi. It taste a little like fish and it is safe to eat for people who can't take watermelon (me la k) Also, the best vegan sashimi I ever tried. Recommending to all vegetarian friends. The watermelon sashimi comes with a dipping sauce that Fen & I loved. ( Fen dip it in every possible thing she could for the dinner) The sauce tasted like sesame dressing in Japanese wafu sauce, very appetizing. 
Tofu Avo($14)

Apart from the greens, the salad consist of tofu, avocado and walnuts accompanied by a light tasted dressing.

Hot Appetizer

Mushroom tea ($8)

Flavourful mushrooms topped with Natto miso. It taste salty at first but overall the tea was light. Had a slice of ginger in it and I felt that I had the best slice of ginger in my life. Never knew ginger can taste so good.

Noodles and Grains

The mains were so good I could not decide which is my favourite !

Roasted Mushroom Soba ($16)

Instead of the usual cold soba, the soba is paired with the flavorful mushrooms, topped with seaweed. Definitely a new taste from the usual soba served in Japanese Restaurants.

Organic Pineapple Fried Rice with Quinoa ($16)

Not the usual pineapple fried rice we all love, as the chef replaced the normal rice with organic brown rice.  
Hot and Sour Prawns Rice Noodles ($18)

The rice noodles used was a very new experience. It has the QQ taste and the soup tasted a little like penang asam laska + BBQ Stingay to me. Not to mention that the queen prawns were well cooked as well.

Meat & Seafood

Duck pancake ($24)

The duck pancake is my favourite among the four as the duck confit is made to perfection. Together with the thin pancake and honey, it brings out the sweetness of the duck confit. 超好吃的。
Pear & Salmon ($20)

The pear & salmon is inspired to be eaten like the Korean bibimbap therefore the tragedy in the second picture. Quite cool I must say. 

Pumpkin Seabass ($22) 

Roasted pumpkin seeds crusted sea bass, haricot vert salad, smoked tomato puree

48 Hr beef


Avo Choco Emotion with Cocao 7 Chocolate ($12)

 I love the adorable chocolate dinosaur !
 When avocado mousse meets chocolate mousse, have you tried this combination before ?
However, I'm afraid it is a little too sweet for my liking. 

My say: 

I would recommend this place and would re-visit again of course. The dishes served were suitable for different group of diners. I would bring my vegetarian friends along without to worry that they have nothing to eat and also my horrified on diet girls where they can know that dieting ALSO CAN have yummy food. And last but not least, my Muslim friends ( if they don't mind) as the restaurant serves no pork no lard. The prices are slightly higher than normal chain restaurants  but given the fact that ONAKA offers a more nutritious and creative cuisine, I think the prices are worth it. Can't wait for my next visit !

Rating : 4/5

Address: 460 Alexandra Road #01-32 PSA Building Singapore 119963  ( inside ARC)
Nearest MRT Station : Labrador Park ( Circle Line) 
Opening hours :
Mon- Fri ; 11.30 AM to 10PM 
Sat & Sun Brunch - 10AM to 5PM 
Sat & Sun Dinner - 6PM to 9.30 PM
Contact No. : 62702012


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