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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Despicable Men 2 Review

Oops, seems like I caught the movie before it airs again!
Thanks to Don & Cathay for the movie passes of Despicable Me 2 Premiere.

I am quite sure the movie is a trending topic in town apart from the #sghaze, #sghail and Hello kitty !
The main character Gru, the adopted girls and his army of minions that I remembered vividly from the first Despicable Me movie.
And if you are in town, you would have seen the blown up not-so-mini minion at the Grand Cathay. 

In Despicable Me 1, the villian Gru met the three girls who were selling cookies and ended up adopting them. How can I not remember Agnes' tagline " ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE" (She's still with her unicorn in the second part of Despicable Me)

Meanwhile in the Despicable Me 2, Gru decided to not be a villain anymore and venture into a legal jello business with the help of his minions. However things change when Dr Nefario has been offered a better job opportunity and at the same time, Gru had one too. Also, Gru's neighbour kept trying to match make him and give the girls a complete family. Gru decided to accept the job and then meet his new partner in work which then .... they had some sparks. The minions had an adventurous time as well.

My say :

I enjoyed the movie a lot and I felt that it is a must watch.The movie was better than what I expected and was something that I wasn't expecting. I was expecting that the movie would focus on the minions this time ( popular things always get more ) but I was kinda wrong.The storyline still focuses on the main character Gru, and a balance with the three girls and the minions, with an addition of characters too. The funny elements and the music also enhanced the whole movie experience. It was easy to understand, funny and at some moments felt very close to heart. The minions are still as adorable as ever, I wish I had one at home.

Rating : 4.5/ 5


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