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Friday, June 14, 2013

Graduation day

So it is my graduation day about a month ago, nothing really to be happy about or special about it.
I decided to blog about it probably because I never expected to have got it. I think I was a complete idiot when I was in poly, my results were super bad and I didn't enjoy AT ALL.  HAHAHAHAHA

Gosh I feel old !!!


Here are a list of people I want to thank as I complete my diploma studies. :')

Thank you C for helping me with all the poly decision making, and maybe your love too. Would appreciate if I could have you for a longer period in my life. Nonetheless, thanks for everything you ever done for me. x

Thank you ST for advice, guidance and being the one who taught me how to love life, as well as to appreciate myself. Best teacher in my life cause you taught me the most in life,你对我的好我真的会记一辈子。

Thank you cliquey ( Jocelyn, Diyan, Lena, Jinling, Koey ) for all the moral support when I was facing difficulties in school.

Thank you my year one classmates (Huixian, Grace, xinyi, jasmine, joey) for helping me with my school work.

Thank you Adeline for all your love for me, will always remember the super long text message you sent me on my birthday. Love you to the moon and back, best person I met in year one.

Thank you MSC Peeps, thanks for letting me know that not everyone in school is horrible.

Thank you Gossipgirls ( Shermane, Biying, Regina, Audrey & Adeline) for all the fun moments in school & outside. Thanks for making school more fun & all your help with the school work.

Thank you travel kakis ( Jocelyn, Tingzhi , Leemei, Daryl, Johnson) for your moral support and a sweet ending to the end of my hell hole.

Thank you Fenny, Conan & all the other blogger friends for making my after school hours so fun and enriching !


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