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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bon Japan Theme Cafe 2013

If you have missed it, here's a little recap from yourapplepie on the event day !

7 different themed set meals for you to choose from.
The maid &butler one is missing but we have cookin' poppin' fun with the customers !
& the various sets have different character collectibles as well.

Maid&Butler// Pikachu// Rilakkuma// One piece// Hello kitty// Doraemen// shin crayon

It was a really different themed cafe event that I've done because this is my first ever event that allows customers to take pictures with us for free. Yes, you have to pay for a picture at meido cafe events.\ It would be really a pity if you had missed the event as there were 40 meido/butlers/cosplayers that was ready to serve you all and free photo taking somemore!!!

 With the other meidos ! 
I look the shittiest because my face is at the side of the camera & got expanded fml.

Change of outfit !

Yuki changed into Pikachu & me , of course into a HELLO KITTY
I refused to change back to meido until I got super warm. 
( I was wearing my meido costume inside)

Check out our tail.

I also manage to do a little bit of hosting after our host (@thiang) left us and as usual, it was fun !

Collage with some of the team members ! 

& I look the ugliest of them all. (calling for filler sponsors. *cries*)

Thanks everyone for making work such a fun day and special thanks to Tim & HengLee for all the care and staff welfare that day !

I'm so tired now I really need to sleep. Oyasumi minnasan !!!


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