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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sponsored Review : Eighteen Chefs @ Orchard

Dined at Eighteen Chef over one of the weekend mornings (same day which the Cineleisure slashing incident happened).
Courtesy of my CNOS 2 friends (esp Don) & Eighteen Chef + Cathay Cineleisure !

Eighteen Chefs was founded in 2007 and started off as a social enterprise which employs delinquents, drug offenders. Owner of Eighteen Chefs, Chef Benny was the first Singaporean to be trained at Jamie Oliver's restuarant, Fifteen. He himself was a former drug addict.

64 Degrees Egg
Try it with a straw, it is the way to eat it there.

French Loaf with Roasted Garlic Confit ($4.80)

The legendary HEART ATTACK FRIED RICE for two. 
1 pax- $15.80 // 2 pax - $28.80
Half eaten beef biten by Angela. 

After which, we had two pasta dishes which Don, Joey & Shenny attempts to cook for us too !

Seafood Aglio Olio 
Tom yum Seafood Pasta

Super spicy omg. Together with fresh seafood and super tom yum food, I must say I quite like this but it is really too spicy I nearly burst. Perfect for those who eats chili padi like rice.

Never is a meal completed without desserts.

Black Beauty
For the Brownie lovers , top with Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream.
I like !
Raspberries & Vanilla Ice cream
Raspberries sauce, vanilla ice cream and waffles.

Just chocolate in a jar
Literally just chocolate ice cream , happy sprinkles and almond flakes in a jar.

Pictures time !
This is Angela & I arguing that we are the best wife-material kind.
Truth is we ain't really sure if we can walk out of the kitchen alive. hahaha

Joey, Shenny & Don 's special task! 
A cooking session x a treat for us !
Here's Don and his materpiece!

What to expect and what not:

Each staff there is an ex-convict and most of them have full sleeve tattoos. Don't judge because their tattoos are pretty and they are nice although they look kinda fierce. I guess it is just how different people express themselves. Feel free to ask about the dishes with the Eighteen Chef crew.

Don't expect excellent atas service over there. Service is at its minimum in Eighteen Chefs, only food will be served. Everything else is a self-service. Want a cup of ice water? Go grab it yourself at the water dispenser.

How to order ?

1. Look at the order
2. Fill in the order chit.
3. Bring to cashier for payment.
4. Grab your utensils and sauces, & maybe a cuppa ice water
5. Wait for your food and enjoy!

My Say:

To be honest, the food over at Eighteen Chef is average (for me , a non beef eater) and not really my kind of food. I was still quite hungry after the food tasting actually. However, I would go back and support for it's big portion and its social enterprise spirit - to give ex-convicts a healthy environment to get accepted by the realistic society.I went back another day to try out their overly raved cheese baked rice and at $6.40 nett (student price) I had a drink, a main and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Not to also mention that my friends and I could not finish our portion. It was rather different from the private food tasting I had. The restaurant played loud rock music and it was packed with teenagers. If you are looking for affordable food and dine with good cause, this is the best place I can find in Orchard area.

Food Wise : 3/5 
Overall Ratings : 3/5


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