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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ramen Matsuri !

Meow !
My colleague and I stumbled upon Ramen Matsuri the other day in midst of finding another other ramen shop. I had to work overtime that day and she decided to accompany me ! (yay) I think the one we wanted to go closed down and they replaced them.

p/s: all images were taken with our smartphones. 
Who would have expected we would have dinner at some a random nice place !

Ramen Matsuri can sit about 8 patrons in the shop and another 4-8 outdoors. I really liked the atmosphere the japanese festival feel, maybe explains the shop name too. 

The shop was decorated with Japanese festival lanterns, painted with traditional wall murals.
There was a book shelf of comics for otaku(s)

Their menu~

They have 2 base soup; original soup and miso soup.
I wanted to try the miso soup base but I asked the staff for recommendations and decided on the Original Soup Tamago Ramen.

I decided to give the egg a try but ended up giving the egg to my colleague. #cowardme.

Smoky greasy gyoza and our ramen !

My Say: 

The soup was really nice and homely (imo) but might be a little salty for some. 
When I first saw the gyoza I was like, wtf so oily! Turns out that it was okay and I like the char-grill taste that came with it. A little crispy on the surface of the gyoza, yums! The original soup was surprisingly good too, I thought it would be greasy. Good that it was light but a little on the salty side ( which might not be a good thing)In short, the meal was generally good and I've added the place to my list for my ramen fix at work. A nice place for a quick dinner fix.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sent my travel kaki this picture and they thought I was in Japan wtf.

Location : 7 North Canal Road, Singapore 048820
Nearest MRT Station : Raffles Place MRT/ Clarke Quay MRT
Contact No. : +65 6534 3808 

Since we are at the matsuri theme, Pika Pika Meido Cafe presents - Pika☆Pika Matsuri!

18 AUG 13// 11AM-7.30PM// *SCAPE WAREHOUSE .
Remember to come!


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