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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sponsored Review : Tokyo Bust Express

The first time I heard of Tokyo Bust Express was a television ad, when I was much younger. It didn’t really interest me because I was really too young at that time and don’t really need it cause no boobs ma.  At that time I was also quite doubtful about bust enhancement, I have very little knowledge about my body, even lesser for the bust area. However I’ve read several bloggers reviews on the treatment session with Tokyo Bust Express and I was keen. No harm giving it a try right?

My Problems

 There are many reasons for it, one being everyone saying that I have flat chest. Okay, I accept that .My main problem with my bust/chest area is that I have this stupid lump of fats lying around my underarm area ever since puberty and there is no way I could get rid of them! I can’t wear tube tops and camisole tops out because I look like those aunties in the market who try to act sexy but fail. It is disgusting ugly , that lumps of fats just irks me every time.  My auntie also always laughs at me because she says that my boobs are super soft. (she always come to touch my bust when I’m sleeping, idiot) 

Anyway I was lucky enough to have two free sessions with Tokyo Bust Express !
Since I already had plans to make an appointment with them , I was thrilled when I received the email. I visited the branch at City Square Mall and I swear I was super shy during my first visit. HAHAHHAHA.  

On my first visit to the centre, I was given a consultation on my current condition of my busts, an explanation of the products used and my wants. My specialist did a few measurements for me and explained my condition. For me, my bust is not balanced is my left bust is more tilted outwards. I have to make them go back and concentrate in the middle and make it pecker as it does not look full therefore making me look flat.  It was very personalized and professionally carried out.

Do you know that the treatments have health benefits as well ?
With the use of natural ingredients and massage methods, It can prevent bust related issues like cyst s and cancer by boosting circulation. Ermmmmm good stuff !
Before I move on with my treatment, my specialist explained to me the ingredients used and its benefits. I realized that Tokyo Bust Express treatment uses ingredients that are rich in phyto- estrogens.

Fenugreek Seed Extract
-          An unique herb rich in phyto-estrogens
-          Found on Eastern shores of Mediterranean.
-          Frequently used in preparation of pickles , curry powder.
-          Known to make women produce more buxom
-          Aids in hormonal production & facilities the development of mammary glands which feeds on estrogens.

Mexican Wild Yam Root
-          Excellent source of beta-carotene and diosgenin which are powerful phyto-estrogens
-          Recommended for hormone replacement therapy
-          Humulu Lupulus ( Hops Flower)
-          An Eurasian scrub rich in flavonoids
-          Remedy for boils, bruises, calculus , cramps, cough, cystitis , fever, fits, insomnia, rheumatism and worms.

Dang Gui Root ( Chinese Angelica)
-          Highly respected Traditional Chinese Medicine
-          Help balance women’s hormone levels
-          Restraining and supplementing the body’s production of  estrogen
-          Used to treat menstrual & menopausal symptoms
-          Shown to assist body in efficiency using hormones.

Pueraria Mirifica ( White Kwao Krua)
-          Native herbal plant
-          Found in deep forests of northern region of Thailand
-          Contains high level of phyto-estrogens
-          Preserved feminine longevity
-          Bust enhancement
-          Firming and tightening breast
-          Nourishing skin, keep skin supple, smooth and brilliant
-          Help prevent breast cancer.
-          Stimulates estrogen-sensitive breast tissues
-          Help enhance breast mass

I would like my bust to be bigger but I’m worried about the after effects of having bigger bust, eg difficult to get clothes, does not match with my body shape etc. So I decided to firm it up ! HEHE. I’ve learnt that every customer is presented with customized treatments depending on their needs and wants.  For my first treatment, I did a firming scrub, TT Push up Machine, Bust Collagen Essence , Bust up Therapy and Bust suction Therapy. All it needs for firmer bust. Oh ya, I changed into the robe! 

Moving on to the treatment itself, the rooms are compact and nothing fancy. The rooms all have a mini wardrobe where patrons can keep their belongings there , small warm light source at the side of the room which make it very calming and of course a bed. Music is played through an audio system at a comfortable relaxing volume.

After the session, I’m given the home care product – the intensive bust enhancement firming cream serum, that I have to use after shower. Still very shy because after the gel application, the next step is to massage the boobs. I can get used to this !

I use like a bean’s size for each side and it absorbs super fast ! No sticky  texture after application.


I was a little doubtful when every blogger who went says that there was a difference/one cup bigger etc. Okay for me, it did work. My bust became perkier and more concentrated *omg dam shy*. Reason why I was able to believe because before/after measurements were taken and you can feel it yourself. The whole treatment process felt very special to me. First, I’m never done any bust enhancement before and letting <s>people</s> professional therapist massage your bust is something very new and very shy for me. Amazingly I felt like I let down a kg of rocks off my chest #notkidding.jpeg. Painful? Honestly, for the first session yes, for my second session no. The massage is the same but I reckon it is because all my toxin has been cleared off in the first session and therefore not hurting on the second session.

Promotion !

1 FREE Bust Maximizing Treatment worth $688


·         Rejuvenating scrub
·         Signature Senchi Bust Massage
·         Bust Volumizer Treatment
·         Perky Bust Lift Treatment
·         Kou You Volume Mask
·         Premium Collagen Essence Application Daize
·         Bring- home Bust-up kit worth $388

-          Must be females above 18  years old.
-          Strictly by appointment only
-          Promotion only valid for two months

Call 62626161 to sign up or you can sign up HERE.

Thank you Tokyo Bust Express for the experience & great hospitality !


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