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Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Singapore!

Tricks or Treats?!
It's the time of the year where it's Halloween again !

These few years, there are more and more Halloween events ongoing in Singapore during the Halloween "season", and I'm glad that I had already went for the Halloween Horror Night at USS, courtesy of Cineleisure !

Thank you Cineleisure X Universal Studios Singapore, I went to experience the night together with my #cnos2 peeps last Saturday! I was a little upset when I got to know that we are not allowed to dress up. :(
I wanted to wear like my lolita.....

 Brought Adeline along for the event !

This year's Halloween Horror Night has 3 scare zones and 3 haunted houses.
It is easy to locate them because each scare zone is put next to a haunt house. 

No photography/ videography are allowed in the haunted houses.
Well me being me , bo bian just take pictures with the scare crew from the scare zones lor!
Really wanted to show you all what's inside the houses.

Attack of the Vampires 

Which is located at the Main Street, aside with it is the Haunted House : Adrift 

Some random strangers tagged along with our group and they made a whole lot of noise, I wasn't scared anymore.
Because I really cannot recognize which is the scare crew. MEH.
p/s : Becareful when you are walking.

Convention of Curses

Location : the Egyptian place.

 Lucid dreaming booth
This woman ask me if she can feed me to her plant. 

Haunted house : Songs of Death

It was okay... but I got really dizzy after that.

Moving on to the next scare zone :

Forbidden Forest

Didn't manage to take pictures here with the scare crew , they were moving around too fast !
Also location of House of 13. , where the scare crew sprayed water at me. IN MY FACE. 
Actually I like this one best as well. The way the scare crew were hidden was really creative and some parts of the walk was interesting.

 Pictures with my CNOS 2 peeps !

It was only like 11 after we were done with all the halloween specials, took the opportunity to try out the transformer ride! #suaku

Oh oh ! Don't forget to catch the Monster Rock before you leave the park. 
p/s : Remember to take the Halloween special's handout where you can find useful information about the locations and the show timings.
We caught the 12am show and left the park afterwards. 
Indeed it was a great way to end the day! 

Tips to share!

Be there before 7 pm- there's an opening show which we missed. :(
Travel light - it is really narrow in the haunted houses and you really want want your bags to be a burden to you.
Buy express pass or not - well regarding this, I might not be able to give you the right answer. Yes indeed it saved a lot of time and you can go play the rides after that but you would kinda feel the thrill of queuing for the haunted houses.  You know, the feeling of anticipation.
Drink plenty of water - Really, make sure you visit the toilets before you go for the houses. Just in case you pee in the pants.
Wear dryfit / less if possible - it is super humid and there are quite a lot of holy water around so this might help to keep you dry fast. #justsaying.
Book a room - Only if you have enough budget. The park closes at 1am and trust me you really would want to leave USS before 1 AM. Problem is getting back home, cabbing is expensive, driving and parking IS expensive too. Suggestion is to go with a group of friends and book a room in the hotel in RWS. Continue partying after the park close! #okaybadinfluence 
Waterproof makeup - Wear waterproof makeup if not you might confuse the crew.

Opening hours of the Halloween Horror Nights is from 7pm to 1am on the following dates :
19,20, 25,26, 31 Oct 2013
1 to 3 Nov 2013.

Tickets are sold at $68 each and are available from
- their official site
- Cathay Cineleisure
- Nanyang Polytechnic.

PSSTT If you want a feel of what's inside the haunted houses , drop by Cathay Cineleisure Basement one to get a feeeeeeeeeeeel of it from THURSDAYS TO SUNDAYS.

Boo ! 


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