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Monday, October 7, 2013

How I met Usagi-san in Hong Kong.

So this is my story of how I was friends with Usagi-san.

Well, you see I loveeeeeee Hong Kong.
And probably the only country that I would dare to travel there alone (&prefer to) because it is so convenient and also because I know people there, my Singaporeans' Hong Kong friends' family are there, so it is so much easier to seek for last minute help.

My trip to Hong Kong this year was... not really fruitful IMO. 
I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. 
My previous trip to Hong Kong was freaking 6 years ago and was there for an exchange program. 
Performed at Disneyland (ahem+flickhair) and went to a few schools to performed and exchange skills too.
Of course I made many friends and know a few HongKong-ers but I didn't keep in touch with all except for one. #oneandonlyfriendinHKleft.

Anyway I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. 
First, I was way too busy before the trip and I didn't really had time to dig out all the information about the places I want to go.
Second, I had a special friend called Usagi who also decided to join my trip. #asshole.
I was also cursed to meet a typhoon in HongKong. #anotherasshole

But I guess there were many other factors too. 
And this is what happened during my 5D4N Trip. 

Day 1.

I flew with Jet star and I would probably not fly with them anymore cause it was so uncomfortable even for such a short distance flight. Scoot is still better..
Arrived in Hong Kong about 11 plus Hong Kong time. 

The first thing I did was to buy a data plan. 
Data plan was really a need to me because you know I just really need it. #youdontsay

I bought mine in the Hong Kong International Airport at the Departure hall.
You have to take a lift up to the departure hall (level 7) when you exit the customs and walk all the way to the end to see the local telco named , 3. 

5 days data and local calls plan for HKD 198 .

Next stop for my brunch, TIM HO WAN.
I never ate Tim Ho Wan before so I decided to gave my maiden try to the one in Hong Kong IFC since it originated in Hong Kong plus I had to go to Hong Kong station to change the trains.

How to go : Take the airport express from the Airport to Hong Kong Station. 
Duration : Approx 30 minutes.

Warning : The queue at Tim Ho Wan IFC is crazy. I waited for more than an hour to get in, there were 70 tables on the list when I took my queue number.

Tip :  So I took my queue number and went IFC to shop. #sodamnclever.

Actually I shopped for 45 mins and went back to Tim Ho Wan , turns out that there are still 20 tables on the list. MEH. IFC is a super huge and awesome shopping place if you have budget. There are some outlet stores there but you really need to find them. 

After brunch, I went to this little retro starbucks about 15 mins down the road.

Address : Shop M2, Mezzanine Floor, Baskerville House, 13 Duddell Street, Central

Time check : About 2pm now. 
I booked a room at Hop Inn Carnarvon which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui .
It was about 10 mins walk from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.

Each room has a theme of it's own so I've got this Peace/ Love your enemy themed room !

And off to Mong Kok for shoppingggg.
Covered Argyle Centre, New Town Mall & Ladies Street Market.

Argyle Centre and New Town Mall is linked together and they sell apparels, accessories at a very low price. Just like the Bugis Street in Singapore, but probably things from Bugis Street come from Argyle Centre. 

Also tried the popular dessert store, which I thought was actually average only.

Then to the Avenue of Stars for a walk

& Dinner at McDonalds.
You know what, I really think that fast food is Hong Kong is alot better than Singapore's .

Day 2 

Breakfast at a nearby Teahouse, Yuen Kee Restuarant

My second day was the day that Usagi hits Hong Kong, I was supposed to meet my local friend on the day but seems like the typhoon was affecting his area since morning and he could not come to town to meet me. 
I was also advised (by him) to stay indoors but the pretty receptionist at my hostel said it was ok to go outdoors but advised to be back by 5pm. 

Shopped around my ahem neighbourhood and went Causeway bay to explore.
The popular art piece made from Toasted bread of Mona Lisa. 

Could not find my Ho Hung Kee and settled for Crystal Jade Ramen Xiao longbao instead wtf.

End up I reached my hostel at about 6 plus and still went to eat dessert downstairs. 

So that's how I spent my day. Thanks ah Usagi thanks.

Day 3.

The weather became so much better when I woke up, a little drizzle but still dam warm.

Brunch at the popular Tsui Wah Restaurant .
I also got scolded by the waitress and got so boiling mad I wanna slap her face!

But the food is good!

Took the MTR to Wong Tai Sin Station for prayers , since I just experience the ahem strongest typhoon in the recent history.

Horizon Plaza for shopping ! 
The place where my wallet bled.
Took the local bus around where I accidentally became an expert in taking buses wtf.
& City gate to shop too. 
Spent my money in the supermarket :) 

Day 4.

Best day ever, my friend manage to squeeze time out to accompany me and all.
Breakfast at Australian Dairy Company

Then to Central. 

Went to agnes b librarie galerie which has nothing much.

Then to Causeway Bay to meet my friend where my friend decided to bring us back to Central to go Victoria Peak.

Sidenote, I miss percussion.

Back to Tsim Sha Tsui for lunch - Lan Fong Yuen. 
I was looking for it at Central earlier the day, couldn't find somemore. 

Everything there is good, both the food and drinks.
My friend say it is his personal favourite. 

Then to Mongkok for more shopping, but this time round is a place for the locals. 
I know how to get there but ermmm I can't really remember what it's called. I think its called TrendyZone or something.
Then we had KFC for dinner because shitty me has no appetite for my hotpot. :( #burden

Back to our hostel to rest and off for a drink somewhere in the junction of Kimberley Road and Carnavon Road. You have to walk in and there's a stretch of bars and bistros.
Liquid food and solid food are stored in different tummies.

I didn't bother to take picture of the drinks because 
1. the place was dark and I had to use flash.
2. I'm afraid my friend's friend would judge me.

It was good just that we spent quite some time discussing about the drum cymbals and the drums in the bar we were in. Sorry I could not advise the prices about the drinks because it was paid because I could see the bill. In fact, I don't even know of the name of the bar I went to.

I recommend that place if you do not want to go club or just want a nice drink to chill. It is really packed with people at night so it's quite easy to locate.

Day 5 .

Check out from the hostel and left to the airport.
You know that bittersweet feeling on the last day of the vacation.

 Left our baggage at the airport and went to Ngong Ping 360.

The cable car ride was super long I nearly fell asleep.
Finally we reached the Ngong Ping Village!

Here comes the place that I wanted to visit badly - Tai O Village.

So what's there?
Well, nice breeze, salted fish smell, lots of things to shoot.

If only I brought my lomo camera along...

Anyway, I paid 20 HKD to catch the waves and see the wild dolphins!
I would totally pay 20SGD for that, I totally enjoyed the boat ride!
Recommended for all to go!


And here are the lomo-worthy pictures taken with my Canon G12.

Must be because never apply sunscreen. #lamecelljokes.

Uncle making the egglet waffles, using the charcoal stove. (is that what you called that)

In fact that was like my brunch that day.
Totally recommend to try this if you are in Tai- O !

Amazingly had the whole cable car to ourselves so I took a selfie!

& Then I'm back in Singapore. 

Here's to my rather meh trip to Hong Kong. 
I blame it on Usagi. 

And so, I bought tickets to Hong Kong again.
Thank you for reading my boring itinerary.


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