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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sponsored Review : Ramen Champion Bugis +

Tell me what's good to do on a Wednesday evening.
To have dinner with the cool kids at Ramen Champion

Together with many blogger friends, we had dinner at Ramen Champion Bugis + and the main point for the day was the ramen from Mendokoro Aoi and Tonkotsu Itto.

HEHEHE, let's eat now.
1.  Prawn Dipping Sauce with Cracker from Mendojoro Aoi ( $4.00)

Certainly something onion lovers would like as the dipping sauce contains onions (alot sia) , mayonnaise based and Japanese shrimp flavoured topping.
2. Tonkotsu- Ramen Champion from Mendokoro Aoi ($16.50) 

The ramen has a saltier soup base but I prefer this to the one from Tonkotsu Itto! #yesyouwonmyheart
In terms of food presentation wise, the latter ramen looks better but the soup goes better with the noodles, just in my humble opinion.

3. Special Tonkutsu Ramen fromTonkotsu Itto ($16.50)

I think this ramen has a very manly meaty feel. The soup has this really meaty/ pork-y smell and taste , unfortunately for me I'm not someone who likes meat. However I think generally boys will like this.
 Well, Don preferred this.

p/s : the ramen looks and taste the same, so I believe only the broth was different.
I was really really hungry when I took this picture. And also this picture has no objective. Bye.
4. Goyza from Tonkotsu Itto ($6.00)

5. Chashu Carpaccio from Mendokoro Aoi ($7.00)

This is cool! In english, this is sliced chashu salad.  Normally we see Salmon Carpaccio , scallop Carpaccio , and seldom we get to see carpaccio that is meat base. Okay maybe just for me, the chashu capraccio was a refreshing break for us after the ramen. It was light and  I liked it. This dish is a good dish to share among four.
6. Garlic Butter Potato from Mendokoro Aoi ($5.00)

Tip here is to mix before you eat.
We liked this, but I think it was because we didn't mix it (?) Don has a spoonful of salt.
Portion is good enough for two.
7. Deep-fried Tofu with Japanese Sauce from Mendokoro Aoi ($4.00)
8. Sukiyaki Bun from Buta God ($3.00 each)

DAYUMS! We ended our dinner with this sukiyaki bun from Buta God which was a little like the Chinese's kou-rou bao. Instead of braised pork , Buta God replaced it with sukiyaki pork slice which tasted heavenly.

My Say :

I would recommend this place for a quick dinner during peak hours or a nice snack place during non-peak hour. It would be nice to have just the side dishes itself during non-peak hours. During meal times, I suggest to have the ramen and gyoza and maybe the Sakiyaki Bun.

Have a great dinner at Ramen Champion. 
FYI Ramen Champion will be opening at Great World City soon!
Visit www.ramenchampion.com.sg to find out more!


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