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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Xmas Wishlist 2013 : Hello Kitty Nanoblocks

Dear Santa , I  guess I am actually quite a sucker for nanoblocks and I always wanted nanoblocks to have a collection for Hello Kitty and to be selling in Singapore.

During my last trip to Hong Kong, I managed to get the Hello Kitty nanoblock limited edition which was only sold in Japan. Ironically, I did not manage to find it when I was in Japan. I did a video on fixing the blocks but I decided to delete it cause it was badly filmed and I did not want to redo.

Can't remember how much it cost, but I think it was close to $50 .

But!!!! Le me has not gotten the set that every hello kitty lover has.

Hello Kitty Marine Cruise 
Block Art Hello Kitty 

Hello Kitty & Mimmy Nakayoshi Park 

Hello Kitty Universal Studios Japan Halloween

Hello Kitty Nanoblock Pen.

So santa, can I have the all of the following please!



1 comment:

  1. If I am not wrong I did saw Nanoblock of Hello Kitty (by itself) in Singapore retail like OG Albert. Apparently there are other retail selling Nanoblock now like Isetan, Metro, Robinson. Just check out the toy department. Good luck. :)


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