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Monday, December 2, 2013

Japan Trip Part 1 : Tokyo & Hokkaido in 24 hours.

This is a story of how I ended up in Japan , my land of hello kitty and a guide to how to cover 3 cities in a week. 
It all started when a friend of mine called me in the morning asking me if I wanted to go Japan and of course WHO WOULD SAY NO TO JAPAN. 

A picture of me in the train 

The next thing I knew was that my Japan tickets were SGD $67 thank to the one cent sale from flyscoot.com. Thank you scoot.
Just to share, Scoot is also my favourite budget airline, friendly prices & super comfy leg space. 

We had a transit in Taiwan so technically, our $67 bought us to two countries. #cheapthrill.
Anyway, after we arrived in the Narita airport we went to the JR counter to pick up our JR Pass which we bought it in Singapore before the trip. I paid about $380 for the pass which was valid for a week. 

Fingers painted by Mynte Fingers! <3

The Japan Rail Pass was like our ezlink card in Japan because as long as we are taking the rail under the Japan Rail company, it's covered. We just had to walk back the gantry like a boss!
Addition to that, you might think that it is ridiculously expensive for transport for just a week but don't worry cause people like me, we fully utilized it.

Tip : Important to plan the places you want to go and calculate the amount of money spent on transport.
This would help you to get a better idea on your budget as well as to if you should buy rail passes.

First drink in Japan from the vending machine!

Took the train to Tokyo Station where we deposit our bags at the lockers.

Super clean not not really spacious....

First stop at Akihabara!

Thanks to my job *ahem* , I really really wanted to visit a meido cafe in where it started, Akihabara Tokyo Japan.

@homecafe it shall be!

Of course when you visit a maid cafe, be it Singapore/Japan or anywhere it the world, you need to order the omu-rice! And let the mei-do do the ketchup drawing!

The mei-dos also drew on the latte with chocolate syrup!

There are many many many mei-do cafes around , I suggest to visit the ones in Akihabara where it first originated. 
p/s:  Don't expect super ultra yummy food in meido cafe and don't expect it to be cheap.
My meal was SGD $35 per pax but it was so moe I thought it was worth it. :)

Next, Ginza!

Then shopping time in Ginza!
A little disappointed because everything we wanted to buy WAS SOLD OUT.
What sorcery was that!
Huh... CH tee sold out... Baobao bag SOLD OUT WTF.

Anyway this was me really happy in front of the chrome hearts store.

Actually we only had like half a day in Tokyo because we were off to Hokkaido !
There's where the pricey JR Pass helped us save, the time taken from Tokyo to Hokkaido is approximately 8 hours (?) so to and fro would save two nights of accommodation.

Dinner from family mart. 
I love food from convenience stores and also trains that allows food.

We had to change trains thrice and we spent the most number of hours in this erm, vintage rail train.

Comfy level ?  About 5.5/10 .

I guess this is the most vintage rail in Japan or maybe not, I do not know.
Anyway I was not affected because
1. It's Japan ; everything is clean
- Even it looks like Singapore/Malaysia rails (when they existed) , it was not even half disgusting as ours. wtf.
2. I sleep everywhere
- When on board, be it the plane, bus, rail. I just can fall asleep.

Next post on waking up in Hokkaido!
That's all for now.


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