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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Japan Trip Part 2 : Hokkaido - Sapporo

Waking up in Sapporo is super cool. 
Continuing from Japan trip Part 1 , we arrived at Sapporo Station about 6 am in the morning. 
Weather was good, air-con temperature. 
Tokyo was hot, FYI

We took the 18:56 train from Tokyo to Shin-Aomori to Aomori to Sapporo .

We deposited our bags with the hotel we were going to stay in ( Best Western Hotel Fino Sapporo) and off we go to the 二条市场 for breakfast! It was a 15 minutes walk from Sapporo Station.

Just some street snaps.

We decided on this eatery as it was a little bit more packed and also there's wifi.

Le me tried sea urchin for the first time and it was a pleasant surprise. :)

After breakfast, we were to make our way to our next location for hot spring and we found this at 狸小路 stretch of shops!
Singapore Style Kopitiam! 

We went to 豊平峡温泉 or should it be called Hoheikyo Hot Spring and they provide shuttle bus services from the Sapporo Prince Hotel. The journey up there was slightly more than an hour and again, I fell asleep the moment the bus started moving.
I googled and it says that the onsen features 100 % dark brown real onsen water. 
Yes really is brown water sia.
Like all onsen areas, no pictures are allowed. I would love to snap pictures and show you all the view of the outdoor onsen if I could ! 

In the premises, there are a really nice rest area, and a dining restaurant ( we did not try, not a fan of indian food) . Okay la, they also have soba there but I was too full for a proper meal.

So I had useless food like the following.
Le me eating Hokkaido melon ice cream!
Le me continues and eat Hokkaido corn !
It was an experience with the hot spring, it was my first time and I swear I was feeling a little awkward until all the ladies in the soup look at me so awkwardly that it is not awkward anymore. Really nice to soak in the soup in that weather. 

Hoheikyo Hot Spring 
608-2 Jozankei 
SapporoMinimi Ward, Hokkaido Prefecture 061-2301 , Japan 
Web : hoheikyo.co.jp
Tel : +81 11 598 2410

Took a local bus as we did not wait to for the shuttle bus and back to Sapporo Station where we packed lunch back to our hotel and did our check in. 

Sandwiches for lunch.

Sapporo Beer Factory!

Since we were ahead of schedule, we brought forward our visit to the Sapporo Beer Factory. 
If you want to drink beer, go to the Sapporo Beer Brewery instead.
Anyway in order to drink, you need to be above 20 year old. 
Therefore in conjunction with my birthday I can drink in Japan !

There are several ways to get there but we walked there...
Which is quite stupid because we took quite long and was quite lost.
We asked the people on the streets and nearly everyone gave us different directions.

Sapporo beer jelly/candies/crackers wtf
Sapporo Beer Factory/Museum
9−1−1 Kita 7 Johigashi
SapporoHigashi Ward, Hokkaido Prefecture
+81 11-748-1876


Dinner is over at the ever famous stretch of ramen stores after my mini shopping race for my bao bao bag. Indeed I got it in Hokkaido !!!!!!! Cho happy girl 123.

It was actually quite hidden inside and we had some difficulties finding it. We had to ask a waiter who was also selling ramen in a restaurant and he brought us there. Feeling super bad but haiya, life sucks.
Dinner was at this eatery where only 11 customers are allowed at a time.
I had the scallop ramen and look at the ramen vs my finger!

Yum and yup pretty finger nail by Mynte Fingers !

おぢぢ/ Odidi
第4グリーンビル1階 ラーメン横丁内
+81 011-518-2425

And then it started to rain so heavily, we had to go back to our hotel for drinks instead.
And also, this is how I spend the second day in Japan.


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