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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Xmas Wishlist 2013: Comme des Garcons pouch

Dear Santa, for the past 3 months I have been going crazy over the CDG pouches.

The thing is this, I was in Japan last September and I was not so crazy about it yet. Would had my crave days earlier and easily get it in Japan! burrrrrrr.

I never like clutches and their pouches (sigh now so crazy over it) because I felt that the sizes are all so not practical. Small and smaller and even smaller wtf.

However, styles like this had made me go !@(*&6$#^. To be exact, it all started when I left all my barang in my friend's car during Halloween USS Night and moved around super light. I only had my coach wristlet, my Casio TR150 and my 3 year old Samsung S2. Totally amazed by myself.

Then I browse through and asked why the CDG Pouch was so popular about my peers/colleagues. Unfortuantely, I am still not able to find the answer but I myself has gotten hooked to it. The pouch is simple, easy to match , good leather texture surface and ridiculously nice colors.

The print I love best was from the Bright Star collection, one of my ex colleague asked me if I wanted to get one during SALES and I said NO. I regret, and now it is out of production/sold out/discontinued.

Every season they re work on this classic staples and I am kind of attracted to the Embossed Stitch selection now. ( Since the bright star collection is long gone)

Santa, buy for me can ?


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