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Friday, January 10, 2014

What is 2013 to me.

Okay la I know like it's already the what? End of 2014 Week 2 buttttt it's never too late to do a flashback for the 2013.

Nothing much, just some key events that happened in my life.

Graduated, got my Diploma .

To be honest, it is really distracting to hear people doubting my education level and also those who think I cannot-make-it and studied in private schools. My face look so dumb ass meh? #irritatingpeopleiseeeveryday

Nonetheless, I'm glad I'm off from the nightmare from school. Of course from time to time, I miss my year 3 classmates but I'm glad we still make the effort to meet up. Thank you for making me feel that I'm worth your time. Always grateful for the help they rendered to me. :']

Got a nail sponsor.

Well, you see. I am a vivid nail art person. My nails are the only thing on me that I felt looks pretty. I have pretty long nails too. & Pretty nails make me confident. Getting sponsored by Mynte Fingers is one of the best things that happened in 2013, this means I get to throw a design to my manicurist, sit back & walk out with pretty nails. I do not have to do it myself anymoreeeeeeeeeeeee. I still owe her blogposts, I hope she don't remember.

Back to Malaysia.

No la, I am a true blue Singaporean but my maternal family are all in Malaysia. I took the opportunity to go back to granny's place with my mum and girlfriends for a short trip before I start to job hunt. I miss those days before I started working like a dog.

Being part of #CNOS2.

Don won on my behalf. I honestly thought I was quite good in the first round but I ended up being the second last. So hais. Nonetheless, I met new blogger friends during the journey and I appreciate that we had a friendly competition. I must say we had great sportsmanship.

Brought Don to Genting.

Thank you RWG for having us! I love the chilly weather of Genting.
I had to miss several trips throughout the year due to work commitments.
Hopefully more collaboration trips in the future again.

A member of Pika Pika Meido Cafe.

I'm starting to feel like an old maid. I've been in the SG Meido Cafe scene since I'm sixteen (?) Nonetheless, I'm thankful for the job opportunities by producers, partners and everyone who support. (no matter as an individual or as a group) Thank you.

Got a Full-time job. 

& So I got a full time job because I cannot afford to get a degree and at the same time make me realise how useless am I. Thank you reality. Still, I'm grateful that I am employed. Also the reason why I'm so inactive at blogging now.

Went to Japan 

Best birthday gift ever. A pair of return tickets to Japan. Thank you Scoot, & thank you bestf.
I know right I have not finish the travelogue but I promise, soon.
Covered 3 cities in a week, I must say the people I went with are amazing.
They took good care of me.
I miss Japan & I promise to be back soon.

& Hong Kong in the same month.

It was planned before the Japan trip. Experienced the first typhoon in my life during the trip, saw wild dolphins, met a friend that I've missed and shopping was great. #buyallthemmj

Stepped into Clubmed Bintan.

A beach getaway special from the day job. Thank you bosses. 

Last but not least, got closer with the *cousins.

It's already the second year with them, but I barely knew most of them. Decided to borrow some courage to join them for some of the gatherings and know them better. Hopefully I'm less awkward with them now. Anyway I also signed up a vacation with them too. #13paxbkktrip.

Ermmm. I think that's all from me.


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