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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bangkok Nua

Sleep Eat Shop Sleep

Hey ! I actually just came back from Hong Kong(and Bangkok again) and is feeling really sloth and all so this is a travel entry backdated from Jan 14 where I was in Bangkok. (promise to finish Japan soon and start on Hong Kong soon!) 

I was a little unlucky and lucky in a way that after I booked my tickets to Bangkok, the thais decided to start their strike. But that's okay it didn't affect me. A day after I'm back, they moved to the center of the city's shopping area- MBK. Nonetheless,  #prayforbkk stay safe to the Thais <3

This trip, I'm on Scoot again! I love scoot so much I'm always flying with them. And I have to say budget travelling starts with them. Safety + Comfortable + Great flight deals. 

Off to Bangkok now!

Dtac for data on the go!
I booked Baiyoke Suite Hotel as the choice of stay this trip so my friend and I took the airport rail to  our hotel. It was 5 mins walk from the station and quickly did our check-in.
Everything was okay and the hotel rates were ridiculously cheap. About SGD $35 per night ?

Changed and off to the legendary Platinum Mall for lunch and shopping.

Too engrossed in shopping and the next thing I knew was to get to Terminal 21 for dinner with my aunt!

Let me have my ice shaken lemon tea first.

Seefah for dinner~
Seefah started off  many years ago as a family business selling Chinese food, mainly popular for its roasted duck. Now, Seefah has grown so much that they are easily available at shopping malls and I even saw it in Hong Kong.

And then we head back to our hotel to watch TV.

Day 2

The thing about travelling with me is that 
1. Eating is not part of the itinerary 
2. I will forget to eat. 

So we had desserts for lunch and I nearly got killed.
 After you's shibuya toast @ central world

Popular for its shibuya toast, do expect small crowds when visiting and a little sweet die you moment after you finish your toast!

 And dinner is street food near Central World.
Yums I rike.Papaya salad, salted grilled fish, coconut.And then we head back to our hotel to watch TV.

 Day 3

I learned my lesson and gave my friend proper meal. Day 3 was spent at Siam area so afternoon food was dined at Siam Paragon and awesome shopping at Siam Square.

Fuji Restaurant for Japanese food! I love you fuji ~
Fuji is another chain of restaurants selling Japanese food, tuned to the Thai's flavor.  I like it because the price is good, portion is good, service is good and coffee/tea & fruits were complimentary after meal! Super worth it. 

Desserts at Mr Jones' Orphanage

Definitely a familiar name. This place has gradually became a must-go for Singaporeans, of course I have to check it out myself laaaaa.

Asiatique for dinner.

And then we head back to our hotel to watch TV.

Day 4


Thanks for reading my boring travelogue ya.

PSST: All pictures taken by the mighty iPhone 5s


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  1. a simple and sweet memories.. keep it up.. next time we go together yo!!!


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