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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What has your applepie been eating : February/ March 2014

Here we have ...


Shoulder molten cakes for overtime work dinz.
I remember it was some what a stressful week so I needed some molten cakes.

It was still the CNY season so after I was back from Granny's Place, cousins* had a steamboat gathering at Leon's place.

I had the privilege to be on air with some of the Pika girls ( I left already btw) for Hello Japan! Live Show. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to be on set and TV again.
 Natalie and I then had dinner at Four Seasons Tonkutsu Ramen! Super yummy!

I love the bean sprouts and the whole experience was great, except that I had runs after that.
I ate the Cha Siew and it's so yummy! I don't normally eat pork by the way!

Met up with the #gossipgirls for dinner at P.S Cafe, Paragon.
Shared the truffles fries and some mains too

Valentine's Day dinner at my place. For the foreveralones.
Still #foreveralone this year wtf

Mum's away so I can have the whole house. Joyce, Don & I went for grocery shopping first before we start cooking! Amazing Joyce cooked a can of escargot and pasta and Fenny made waffles. Kaizhi also came to clear the food.

We had a super yummy and sinful dinner , after which I brought out my boliao toys to play together.

Percussion at my house for annual steamboat, normally we have it during CNY dates but this year we had a delay. But whatever la, at least we gathered.


It was a weekend where my colleague and I had to work past dinner time. I cannot remember what occasion was it but I think she was feeling rich for the month, so the lucky me gets a treat.

Dinner treat from ma colleague at Paradise Dynasty.
We kinda ordered too much for 2, we managed to finish 80% of it though.

Just in time for my Hong Kong trip, one of my clients gave my team a box of egg tarts from the famous Tai Cheong Bakery from Hong Kong. It was nice but not fanastic, I guess it would be nicer if it is eaten freshly. Mine was flew back already.

I spent the last week of March in Hong Kong which of course I had great food and accompany.

Thanks for reading this useless post I put up.

It's amazing how times flies, and this post has been in my draft for more than a year wtf!
Nonetheless, they are precious memories to me but I can look back on, I will be more on time wtf.
* hurry clear travelogs*


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