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Monday, May 5, 2014

Fashion Coordinate - HONGKONG IN MARCH

Hi , so the shameless me decided to do a fashion breakdown for my trip to Hong Kong last March.
Weather was good, it was aircon temperature. I like that kinda weather.
I mean I thought I rarely have a week that I dress up a little and also thought I looked quite nice. #ahem

Sorry la, just let me do it for memory keepsake. DON'T SCOLD ME.

Day 1

Airport fashion. 

Bad coordinate ; I met 4 people at the airport wearing the same t-shirt/ jacket /shoes/ bag. 
WTF AND BAG. IT WAS SO AWKWARD Nonetheless, it is really comfortable and helped me aced the cold on the first day. 
Background is a street in Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tshui.

Outfit breakdown
Top  : CDG Play, Tokyo Japan
Outer : Uniqlo 
Bottoms : Uniqlo 
Shoes : Converse
Bag : Balenciaga , Tokyo Japan

Day 2

Day 2 was filled with shopping and moving around, so I wanted to be a little more funky. Coordinate by @jwmeow. That overall has been in my wardrobe for so long I thought I would not have a chance to wear it at all! Background is at the rooftop balcony at the hostel we stayed in.
Outfit breakdown
Sweater : Taobao ( less than SGD$10)
Overalls : Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Shoes : Converse
Bag : Balenciaga 

Day 3

I'm already running out of clothes... so I had to put on my new purchases! Top is not visible in the picture but it was a lace top paired with an Emoda inspired necklace I got from Taobao. Kowloon Tang MTR station in the background. The same place was flooded few days later after we came back :(

Outfit breakdown
Top  : Mongkok New Town Mall (HKD 50)
Outer : Mongkok New Town Mall  (HKD 60)
Bottoms : Bangkok Siam Square (180 Baht)
Shoes : Converse
Bag : Longchamp

Day 4

Everything was what I bought over there. Top was from a shop selling male apparels, glad that we pop in and ransack the sales section, and got this top ! Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes from a tiny shoe shop in Mongkok New Town Mall , they are twentyeight_shoes on instagram if you would like to check them out. The shop keepers were quite nice and friendly to me while I was here so ... ya..

Outfit breakdown
Top  : Mongkok Trendyzone (HKD 100)
Outer : Mongkok New Town Mall (HKD 60)
Bottoms : Uniqlo  (HKD 59)
Shoes : Mongkok New Town Mall (approx HKD 200)
Bag : Balenciaga 

Day 5 

And I started repeating what I wear. hehehe Paired the recycled clothes with my new kicks! Got the babies from Trendy zone Level 3, the owner's instagram is nike_vicky , most importantly he has quite an awesome collection of kicks and ships to Singapore! 
Don't pester people if you are not a serious buyer. 
I wanted a pair with black base and something that is match-able with for everything I wear yet able to stand out from the mundane black. The store owner dug this pair out for me. THANKS DUDE! 

Outfit breakdown
Top  : Taobao  
Bottoms : Bangkok Siam Square  
Shoes : Converse
Bag : Balenciaga 

 On the same day I changed into something with more clothes as we go to the Hong Kong Jockey Club ! Great experience, blog about it soon.
Outfit breakdown
Overalls : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Outer : Mongkok New Town Mall
Shoes : Mongkok New Town Mall
Bag : Mongkok New Town Mall

Day 6

Feeling lazy that kinda day? One dress to settle it, paired with my AJ3s and necklack from MMJ (great deal). Shot by a flight of stairs in Central during the late evening.

Outfit breakdown
Dress : Mongkok New Town Mall (HKD 60) 
Shoes : Nike Air Jordans 3, Mongkok Trendy Zone (HKD 1240)
Bag : Mongkok New Town Mall (HKD 60) 

Day 7 

Technically our second last day in Hong Kong terrority, so we went to Lantau Island and did some soul searching/walking/ basically explored a little. Stupid top also stained my bag sooooooo badly, I had to immediately bring it back to wash. Argh
Outfit breakdown
Top : Taobao (RMB 30)
Bottom : Uniqlo
Shoes : Nike Air Jordans 3
Bag : Balenciaga.

Yupz, and that's all I have .



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