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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Japan Trip Part 6 : Tokyo , Disney Sea


*cue disney songs*

Probably the most magical day in my life, we went to the Disney sea immediately after Puroland.
I only wanted to get Duffy Merchandise and I'm not into the rides so we decided to just get the after 6 passport. #coward.

Turns out that rides are open after six too! Sad to say that I have very little pictures in Disney Sea. Everything so dark take what. Genius me didn't bring my flash out too, well I was too excited.
First time taking the Mickey Rail! I know Hong Kong Disneyland has it too but the last time I was there, I was on a performance trip so we were in an excursion bus with our instruments. Waa, those days.
 And I tied up my hair with my daiso minnie mouse inspired hair bow. Couldn't find my mickey mouse hair band I brought so  :(

Soooo.... I brought a new hairband.

Dinner is at Saieriya near our apartment.


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