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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Japan Trip Part 7 : Tokyo, Shopping in Shibuya/ Harajuku - Photo Diary

Hello Shibuya, Harajuku!

Finally to the shopping districts of Shibuya and Harajuku !

I spent most of the time there walking around... eating and more walking.
It was pretty warm that day.
And drinking starbucks. wtf.
Pretty nails by Mynte Fingers.

Shopping in Japan is amazing, it is amazingly awesome and so spoilt for choices.
From all the Japanese fashion brands to the international brands, the selection was so much and great that it makes one want to buy back the whole town.

One of the best things to do in Japan is to go thrift-shopping. Many items there were at least 80% new and at least 50% off retail price. There are so many of them around the country, an example will be a black colored blazer from Heather that I bought with approx $15 in Hokkaido. WHUT. IT LOOKED BRAND NEW TO ME.
Rinkan  has several outlets but mostly small stores like that. Smaller selection but exquisite pieces.
The boys got like Dior HOMME jeans for less than SGD$200? And it looked great.

Ragtag was our favourite store throughout the whole trip.
I also brought my balenciaga bag there with less than a quarter of the retail price.
Bottega bracelet condition 10/10 for approx $100. GRABSZ.
Yup, that's right.

Of course you have to open your eyes big and really dig em gold out.
We also went to shops to buy first hand goods la wtf.

Just another indie store along shibuya

Just checking out what's inside a craftholic store in Japan
Rilakkuma themed cafe! So cute, the queue was also quite cute, it was super long haha

Also finally tried Coco Ichibanya in the home country.
We also visited Hachiko-san. 

Damaged for the day spent for the eyes. *wink

Alrights, that's all folks!


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