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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello Kitty House in Bangkok?

Wait what ?

Hello Kitty House in Bangkok????
#throwback Selfie in Puroland

As we all know, I'm like a hugeeeeeee fan of Hello Kitty so much that accepting my obsession for Hello Kitty has became a criteria to be my boyfriend. #ikidyounot Ya la, that's why still single now what wtf. I actually go to Thailand somewhat quite often and stop saying I look like a thai sooooo when I first saw the news (thanks RX!) I was like OMG I NEED TO BE THERE. But the second thing that came along was, EH why didn't I know earlier???? Apparently the Hello Kitty House in Bangkok has been in preparation since 2002 and will be opening this August.


If only I knew it earlier…. I mean I just kinda came back from my third trip to Bangkok this year and if only I knew earlier, I would probably push it back so that I can meet more kitties.  :( #ifonly

Anyway, just a glance of how the Hello Kitty House (which is a cafe & Bar place) would look like.
Images are grabbed from U magazine from Facebook.

Looking at the interiors, it seems like it is an approved project by Sanrio themselves.
It really feel very Hello Kitty , look at the chairs! It even have kitty ears and the signature bows!
The interiors also feels very cozy, clean and super girly. Definitely a place that Hello Kitty lovers like me would want to be. Maybe we would not even want to go home.

Very compatible with Puroland.

Here you have a picture to compare. This is the eating area in Puroland. Even the chairs has less details!

Now moving on to the food. I only manage to find snapshots of the desserts that is going to be sold in the Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

Rainbow Crepe! #takemymoneynow.

I think it is rather normal? I mean it looks like they just put the hello kitty sugar cut out on the top of everything. As for the taste…. I guess it would be acceptable ? Generally, the desserts in Bangkok doesn't fail, most of the time they are really yummy. I can't wait for it to be open and see all the nice pictures on instagram/facebook and everywhere, even though I'm not sure when it my turn.

So where is it located?

The ever most convenient location - Siam.
And to make it even better ; sheltered walkway from the Siam BTS Station- SIAM SQUARE Ground floor.

Contact : (+662) 115 1335
Website : http://www.sanriohellokittyhousebangkok.com



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