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Monday, September 8, 2014

Cousins* Bangkok Travelogue Day 1

Hello ! 

Sooooooo, this April, I went to Bangkok with the cousins* thanks to the special Christmas deal from Santa Scoot. wtf. 

As much as I love Scoot's comfort/fares/etc , they have the shitty-est arrival times. 
During the April trip, we arrived at about 7pm? or 8pm? Bangkok time, and by the time we checked-in and did the neccessary, we were famished. I think we could eat up an elephant at that time sia. 

Pic by Don Koh
We chose Hotel 93 for accommodation and we almost had the whole level to ourselves. (We have 10 pax)  Getting there was a little tough, I knew the shortcut via the Baiyoke Hotels but the back gate was closed by the time we were there so we had to take a big round to go in. The busy road made it a tough way.  Lobby interior was neat and clean, it was connected to a cafe/pub in a L shaped layout and there was a live band. Not bad.
Pic by Don Koh

We had dinner settled at the street zi char style stalls near Central World.

I  love the food thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so much that we had our last dinner there too. 
Here's Jiaqi and I with our food! 

The bad arrival time did not allow us to do much there, we did like a bit of shopping at the 7-11 ? and just walked around the streets. Even the night market were preparing to close after we finish our dinner wtf. 

Told you we were famished right, Don and I brought McDonald's back to our hotel to eat after our dinner. HURHUR

Well, I guess that probably sums up my Day 1 April BKK trip. WTF!!!!


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