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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cousins* Bangkok Travelogue Day 3

Day 3 of CousinsinBKK!
Behind me are the cousins looking at I don't know what.
p/s: look at the triplets wearing the same top at the back, think they scared they kena kidnap.
The tallest one must have stolen all the other two's milk when  they were yonuger.

On the third day of our trip, which happens to be on a Saturday, okay fine we planned it. -.-
Weekends in Bangkok are like almostttttt meant for Chatuchak Market. & so we walked to the *ahem nearest BTS Station and alighted at Mo Chit Station. Depending on which line is better for you, you may alight at Chatuchak Park too.

HELLO KITTY TRAINNNNN #hellokittyeverything
I want to take this train forever, SMRT time to work harder haha.
Oh! We brought breakfast from the streets from the stalls below our hotel. Super yummy pork porridge, you are add an extra egg at a small amount if you want. 

Simple yet extraordinary yummy. 
If I can find a boyfriend that makes porridge this yummy, I'll marry him. 

Okay, I kid.

Don also managed to dabao some chicken rice don't know from where but I would just eat. 
Photo Credits: Don Koh
Okay okay come back to the day activity!

We entered the Chatuchak market and rest is history. 

Not really , let us have some ice cream first.
 Ultimate favorite toppings
Shopped around, can't remember if we brought stuff but we reached the stage where the weather was attempting to melt us down, and we stumbled upon this little cafe #Savior. Okay never really stumbled upon la, we were looking for somewhere to sit down and found it! #withmotive.

We had a little bit of time left before we meet up with the boys so we accidentally went into the animals section and scare the shit outta me.
THEY SELL EVERYTHING. Joyce told me not to listen to Andy when he told me that they actually sell snakes and all sort of animals, & when I saw it...吓死我了。

Anyway here's some of the pictures I manage to take while managing my scares.
Really like the fishes and I wish I could dabao them back. 
Cute little animals like bunnies, pups, kitten and idk what were also on sale. 

Pardon me okay, my knowledge for animals is horrible and I dread the zoo the most.
Look at the pretty arowana fish and leopard printed stingray, hello cutie cutie! 

I didn't take the exotic animals, obviously because I'm already trembling and screaming for SOS already. There were chicks, squirrels, chipmunks, hedgehog (if i remember seeing) and trays of worms (omg kill me now) 
Don & I in the cab!

Back at platinum for dinner where we settled at the roadside store just like the first day. 
After dinner, Jiaqi, Andy, Don & I went to Central World for desserts at After You Cafe. 
We all know how popular their shibuya toast, so MAJOR YUMS 

The last time I was there, I nearly starved ST to death. 

Really want to try the other pastries, but I couldn't resist the honey toast.

the four of us with our noms !

Jiaqi & I continued to shop at the Siam Night market while the boys went on for their movie date. Both of us also had a foot massage after that because we thought it is uncool to go back hotel so early wtf. hahahah. 
p/s: we had to braced ourselves through the carpark with dogs, but lucky we made it back. #phew

That's all for Day3!


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