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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My first Staycation!

Okay noob.


To be honest, I never understand the logic of having a stay cation (in case you stay in the drain, a staycation basically means having a vacation in your home country). I mean it is not that it is really cheap or what. I lived in this little small island called Singapore, and there's really ain't much to do.  Oops. And ya, we are an independent nation by our own. :)

Anyway, I won a 4D3N staycation at the Resort World Sentosa from a lucky draw and so I went on with it together with Fenny, to get a feel of how it is like and why so many people are hooked to it.  Actually when I won it, I was FML, what is so fun about a stay cation. Roll my eyes. I go to Genting Highlands rather often in the previous year (thanks RWG) so I was quite looking forward to how different it will be from the experience up on the mountain. Since it RWS is also by the Genting Group, the whole area actually have the same feel, am I the only one that feel that way ?

Okay let's go!

On the first weekend of June( I know la dont say already), I made a booking for the Festive Hotel and well... I woke up late and totally spoiled the breakfast plan we had in mind :( Luckily Fenny didn't kill me. We took a cab over to Sentosa Island and drop off at the hotel. Free entry when you show your booking confirmation via cab! I'm sure you have to pay for monorail even with the proof. MEH. The taxi uncle rushed me for my booking confirmation to get a free entry in.

angie and fenny

Fen & I trying our luck to check in and drop our barang-barangs.

Together with the staycation, we were entitled entry for two for USS, watercove park and SEA Aquarium. So nice nor!! I didn't have time for watercove park and the aquarium so I threw them away. -.-
I went there before anyway.
Angie, fenny - USS X RWS
Fen & I with the Universal Globe #tourist

Went for a quick lunch at McDonalds (also because we didn't want to spend so much money) & Off we go to the Universal Studios Singapore! Very happy that we got express passes, beating the queues like a VIP. okay not really.
Universal Studios Singapore

Although it was my third visit to the park, it was actually my first time trying out the rides.
My first time was a free entry from some walk that I join with my poly friends, so that was only photo opportunity. The second time was USS's Halloween event (couretsy of Cineleisure), lucky me manage to ride on the transformer.

Now, there's how you can beat the queue to take a picture with your favourite character.
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore - selfie with transformer
Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

So this time it's really the pull-my-guts-together and play day.
Angie, Universal Studios Singapore

Here's me still trying to settle some work stuff. It's a pity both Fen & I had to occasionally look at our phones because of work commitments. Nonetheless it was generally okay la. We had our epic moments of playing and dealing with work stuff.

Fen & I really enjoyed the Monster Rock show. I was already my favorite after watching it during the Halloween trip. Recently, I read about the end of Monster Rock show at the Pantages Theatre and some sesame street show is taking over. :(
 Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

Joining the kids to watch the sesame cast, and singing along.
Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

And then it started to pour so we were drenched by the time we played the boat ride.
Here's us, trying to get dried up while queuing up for the Shrek Show.
Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

After all the rides, we went back to Festive Hotel to do our check-in and rest a while before we head to Vivo City for dinner. Here's our room !
Festive Hotel , Resort world sentosa

There's also a sofa bed that's not in the picture so this room can comfortably sleep 5 people. And the toilet with super awesome lighting.

Festive Hotel , Resort world sentosa

Our room view ! Very grateful for the balcony because it's the place we can get connected to the world in the room.

Festive Hotel , Resort world sentosa

Dinner @ Jamie's Italian !

Dinner @ Jamie's Italian
The kitchen is just behind me. #selfiewiththekitchen&lights

& it was actually quite warm, I couldn't complain because the staff DID warn me and I still went ahead.
Dinner @ Jamie's Italian

Dinner @ Jamie's Italian

Dinner @ Jamie's Italian
Super love the lemonade, while I thought the food was so-so and therefore overpriced for what we had.
Dinner @ Jamie's Italian

Dinner @ Jamie's Italian

Dinner @ Jamie's Italian
Bill came up to about $60 (?). I doubt I will visit again :(

Jamie's Italian Singapore
Address :1 HarbourFront Walk,
VivoCity, #1 165-167
Singapore 098585 

Contact :+65 67335500
Opening Hours : 12.00pm to 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday, 
12.00pm to 11.00pm Friday & Saturday

 Junz was supposed to join us to reminscene our Hong Kong days ( haven blog yet) but he backed out so we ask the Don, Leon and Andy. Don dont want to see my face so he didn't come. Shopped around Vivo City after our dinner while Leon & Andy join us for the late evening.

As usual , we just eat, take pictures, talk .
Festive Hotel, Resort World sentosa

Since Fen & I were out and the whole day, we decided to shower before the boys came. And we were forced to do this.  And then to McDonald's downstairs to buy supper up to eat on Andy's bed for the night. In our pyjamas. 

Festive Hotel, Resort World sentosa
 4 of us decided to squeeze at the single size Bunk bed when all is have is a family suite. 

The next morning, Fenny had to rush off for her auditions, while the three of us just continue to sleep in. Since Andy was terribly lack of sleep, Leon and I went down for the breakfast buffet ourselves. ( Please don't tell him) I was famished but I was also a bit scared that Andy will be angry wtf.

It was quite boring because the TV was something like a pay as you watch and I didn't want to pay extra, so I cleared my work at the balcony wtf (reception was horrible in the room I cannot even make calls) and just nua around.

The boss finally woke up & we went for pancake lunch!

Lunch @ Slappy cakes!

Lunch @ Slappy cakes

Fenny came back and we proceed on to sleep. We literally just napped till evening time.
Then I have a change in accompany, the three of them left and Lex came.

Just catch up & party at Azzura after that!

I mean it was fun and all being with my friends, but I would still prefer to go overseas like Bangkok, with the same amount of money. I guess for me, unless its free, I would still choose for a vacation over a staycation.

Festive Hotel 
  1. Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway,, Sentosa Island, 098269
    Phone:6577 8899

So that's all folks!


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