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Monday, September 15, 2014

SP Masterchef by Singapore Polytechnic

Hello! *waves hands*

Yup, you are not seeing things. I went to participate in a master chef cooking session organised by Singapore Polytechnic. Next to me is my partner for the day, my new friend and the master chef in my heart- Reni. 

First of all, I would like to thanks Pamela for hooking me up with the organisers, even though I can't cook for nuts.(hahahaha) And also this is a super overdue post, that I am embarrassed to say. Oops

I was so happy because I always wanted to learn how to cook and you know like, have fun? So I told Fenny and Don and they were like, 不要害人家。#broken heart and I still went ahead and hours later, I found myself chatting with Reni and doing our homework for the cookout session. At 1am before the session, we were whatsapp-ing each other on what we should cook , how we should prepare. And we were really confident. #really. 

I met Reni at the train station before we went to the filming location together to meet the other student bloggers. p/s It was my third time to Singapore Poly! I remember my first time was the SP Open house secondary school tour, the second being a concert where I performed and the cook out session being the third. SP YOU , ARE HUGE. 

Reni & I and our little notebook

We were tasked to create three dishes (one appetizer, one main and one dessert ) and even though we already had what we want in mind. Reni and I, together with the rest, had to grab for ingredients. What we made were really easy to do, healthy and yummy, also we were to used the products created by SP Students. We focused a lot on simplicity but edible. #grin. It was a requirement for us to wear the robe in the cooking lab, so here's our look of the day. How did we fare?

I only knew Reni the night before and we quickly communicated as much as we could via whatsapp and do our research. Luckily we did not take much time to finalise and decide on what we should do.

Photo Credits to Reni

Horror one kicked in when we realised we had to snatch for the ingredient. #facecrack. Thanks to the witty us, we did not really require much and only had to beg for one shitake mushroom. Not forgetting our really reliable helper, HuiYi for all the help she rendered.

What we wanted to achieve was simple, easy to make and fast meals.
We weren't over confident, but we were confident that we could made something edible.
But who knows the rest of the teams came with like what, restaurant standard food.
Must be watch too much master chef la these people, some more most of them were younger than the two of us. That's horror number two.

For our appetiser, we did Hello Kitty Pizza with Mouse sausage #hellokittyeverything

Photo Credit to Reni

There's two parts to our appetiser, first being the Hello Kitty Pizza.

Finally I can put my boliao buys into good use!!!
Presenting to you, the recipe for Easy-to-make Hello Kitty Pizza.

1. Using my hello kitty face cutter to cut the bread.
2. Spread the pasta sauce & add topping and cheese. Tons of cheese.
3. Bake it for 20 seconds.

Done and ready to eat.

Secondly, the mouse sausage. CUTE RIGHT!!!!

We googled about cute sausage food and we found this !
And we thought we could score if we do that for the session, it was actually quick easy to make with the help of the toothpicks. Here's the video we referenced.

The sausage used were not normal sausages that we find in the supermarkets. It was the low fat & salt sausage that DFST SP Students were involved in creating. They are less than 10g/100g in fat and less than 450mg/100g in salt! Furthermore, they were awarded by the Health Promotion Board with the healthy choice label !

As for Main, it's Omelette Yamie rice with Sauteed Mushroom.

Photo Credit to Reni

We made use of the Yamie Chicken Rice for the omelette rice and Reni made super yummy Sauteed Mushroom. She said that she just fry everything together. Really master chef of my mind. We shaped the omu-rice into a heart shape with the help of the heart shape mould (another boliao item I got from Daiso) and the cling wrap.

What is Yamie Rice ?

It is a premix instant rice product that was created by Singapore Poly students and there's no preservatives, no trans-fat, no artificial colouring or MSG. Super yummy and healthy! When we were on our challenge, all we did is was too add water and put it in the microwave. More details can be found on their website : www.yamierice.com

and frozen banana bites for dessert.

Photo Credit to Reni

The dessert is a really simple 3-steps recipe. All you need is chocolate to be melted , banana and topping of your choice. We had coloful rice for our toppings because it made it look happier.

1. Melt the chocolate
2. Cut the banana to whatever size you want (we halved it)
3. Dip it in the chocolate and put in the freezer for 20 mins.

Really very nice eh! Perfect for the hot summer weather /Singapore weather.

Even though we did not win the top three prizes but I'm sure we had fun and also ate a lot.
With the other three cutie pies!

Both Reni and I were exhausted too. We tried out the dishes that other contestants made with the products by SP Students and of course pretty amazed by the taste and also everyone's creations! Not forgetting the friendships that were fostered, which in my opinion is the most important thing during a competition. Good to know more friends who can cook, so just in case one day I have to make bento for my kids I know who to call up for. Hehe. Look below.

Photo taken for the after interview !
Congratulations to the two boys for getting the first, they are amazing. They made rosti and smoothie and all the atas restaurant standard food. Really is master chef wtf.

Later did I know, the cookout session was part of Singapore Polytechnic's 60th anniversary celebration.

Happy Birthday SP!!!!

You may watch the video now.


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