Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random Talks : Casio TR-50

Yup, you heard it...

The new addition to the Casio TR series.

I'm still a proud owner of my TR-150, which has been with me for a few years.

 And I'm still answering questions to the camera that I have, while figuring how to use the TR-35, here comes the TR-50. I don't think it is launched in Singapore but I surely can't wait. I particularly love the wide lens used on the TR-150 but certainly it has been an old model and honestly, the shutter isn't that fast.

A friend of mine uses the TR-35 and I like the Self- portrait shutter the most. Another blogger friend and I talked about it when the TR series first launch and we wanted it so badly, glad it is on the new model.

The 180 degree swivel screen and it's handy design remains. While the previous models has a clean and sleek look which is customisable ( I zeng mine into a leopard), the TR-50 has a little bit more design on its skin.

General Specs I've gotten from the official website,

- Single focus lens,
- 11.1 Megapixels
- 3.0 inch Super Clear LCD
- 240 shots per charge for battery
- 21 mm Wide Angle Lens
- Full HD Movie
- 0.23s shooting interval.
- Wireless LAN Function

. The Casio TR-50 is available in three colors, the blue, white/champagne and red. I like the white one the best!  I also like the idea that battery can be removed and changed.

To my disappointment, I found out that the specs for the TR-35 is actually better. Perhaps this new model would be a slightly affordable version ?

Still, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the Singapore Market.


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