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Monday, December 29, 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014

Hello! I rarely do blogpost on time but I'm quite steady today despite having a bad flu (thanks to Noelle!)  So here's my picture post for Comic Fiesta, happened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the last weekend. It makes it special for all because it was the last weekend of the year. Something to remember huh.

Comic Fiesta claims that they are Malaysia’s most epic ACG Convention, well, for a first timer, I agree. There were so many exhibitors showcasing their artwork and it think the community in Malaysia is actually more supportive when it comes to original art and all. Super grateful for the Guest pass to beat the queue and also the heat wtf. The convention was in KLCC , occupying 3 halls and 1 ballroom (used for stage performance) Noelle and I were with the guys from EOY Production so we started out our day at 4.30am and reached KL at about 9am.

Day 1

 Ready to roam and explore the convention by 11am and it was so packed! 

First time in my life going to a convention BARE FACE wtf.

We went off for lunch and didn't expect ourselves to leave for the day thanks to the bad weather !!!!

Day 2

I like Day 2 better. The weather was better and of course, Noelle and I dressed up too! I put on my Rilakumma jumper while Noelle turned into a Pikachu. 

Also, managed to take more pictures of the cosplayers!  

Now, this is one of the highlights that you can’t miss. Okay la I admit I dozed off during the presentation from the producer and lead game designer from Square Enix but I tell you.. after the whole presentation was over,even I want to grab the game. I can’t wait for the game to be out and I think I would probably buy the game. I wouldn’t say much, just look at the pictures la!

This is Wan, one of the lead game designers for Final Fantasy sharing some insights of the new addition.  He shared about the improvements from camera and moves which was pretty amazing from the video trailers we watched!

 Look, asian food!

So there's what I've to share about Comic Fiesta! 

Hwaiting for Comic Fiesta 2015.
For more details do check out : http://comicfiesta.org/2014/


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