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Monday, December 15, 2014

Fat Freeze with Sylvia Skin Atelier


Oops wrong! I got them frozen ! Thank you Sylvia Skin Atelier for the treat. When I was asked to chose from the facial, bust enhancement and the fat freeze, I immediately agreed to have a Fat Freeze session with them! The reason behind was that I was looking for a solution for my tummy and my face wasn't that bad so I thought Fat Freeze was a good choice. 

Anyway, disclaimer first! I would be sharing more on my experience and thoughts and how it was done rather than how effective it is. If I were to say I slimmed down in just one session, I would be a freaking liar and it takes two weeks to see the results while I'm only at my first week after the session. 

How does it works? 

Based on my session, I was first asked by the beautician which part of my body I would like to do the freeze on. Then, the beautician will take a look and have you lie down on the beauty bed. For me, I chose the fattest part of my tummy ( nearer to the womb) for the treatment. The beautician then put a membrane over my tummy. It was to protect my skin as the temperature will hit down to zero degree. The treatment is one hour long and you can do anything you can think of while lying down. 

What happens next ?

The machine will then suck up the fats and you get to choose to your comfort level. This part is important because you better let your beautician know if you feel uncomfortable cause it's gonna be an hour long! 

Now we can start the machine for Fat Freeze ! 

For the first three minutes, it will be a warm sensation after which the temperature would drops till it reaches zero degree Celsius. During that hour, the machine will suck in and release your fats and it repeats. Sees why you need to choose your comfort level properly ? 

I was told that the machine together with the cool temperature would break down the fats, and then it will be flushed out of your body. My beautician told me to drink as much water as I can, dietary wise, you can eat normally. 
I was also told that it is recommended to have 8 hours of fat freeze on the same part with an interval of 14 days to achieve good results. And also, drink tons of water to flush out the fats. 

And that's all you have to know about Fat Freeze !

How I felt ?

Ermmm. I felt already ? The session was bearable and fuss-free. I like how I was told what will be happening and my beautician was able to answer my questions. For me, it hurt a little with the machine releases my flesh and my tummy just feel numb. It got well after a couple of hours. Through out the session, there were NO discomfort. Nothing much happened that. My beautician was very professional, she knows what she was doing and could give me good advices so I really appreciate that. 

What about the place? 

I also like the clean and modern set up of the place. Although this is a sponsored review, I am actually considering to pick up a 8 hour package myself to shed some fats. Getting there is really convenient too! They are located diagonally opposite 112 Katong, just above Awfully chocolate. Free shuttle bus services are available from Paya Lebar MRT Station too!


Quote my name "ANGIE" to enjoy
- 1 session at $98
- 4 sessions at $369 
- 8 sessions at $688

If you are interested in their facial services, you may quote my name to enjoy 50% off usual price and also to get a free sample product! Let's meltdown those fats together :)

131 East Coast Road, #04-01
Singapore, Singapore 428816

Contact :  +65 
6344 7333


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