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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Getting outta Bangkok

Ya, again.

Hi, so this is like my third trip to Bangkok this year.
Much thanks to Scoot , for all the ridiculous deals that I managed to get. I'm already aching  for another getaway. Anyway instead of the usual shopping and eating we do in Bangkok, I decided to spend more time explore this beautiful city. Continue reading as I share more about I spent in Kanchanaburi and Amphawa.

A few days before my flight, I had dinner with Ben (@benvoda) & Leon (@leongraphy) and I told them that I am really looking forward to the trip because of the plans I had in mind. But when I told them that I am going to do some sightseeing they went," WHERE GOT PEOPLE GO BANGKOK SIGHT SEE ONE"

Both of them. TMD

I never thought so too! My first trip there was a total relax trip while the second one was massive shopping spree. I happen to stumble upon Qin's instagram (@qinatthedisco) and saw her visit to Kanchanaburi where this cool chick went to the Death Railway and the Tiger Temple. I thought it was really interesting and so I started to do my own research. I could have asked her but aiya, I shy la.
I spent my first two days of the trip following the Singaporeans' itinerary aka shop eat shop eat massage sleep. ( Will talk about it in another post)

Anyway, I haven't got the transportation booked and all until I was the second day in Bangkok, with the help of my family friend, my aunt's friend helped me to booked a mini van for my adventure (CHEYYYY).

It was comfortable, clean and the driver's really nice. He could speak basic English too. I would be more than glad to share his contact if anyone of you reading this needs it. Just drop me an email!
Here's a picture of how it looked like.

Since the tiger temple only opens at noon, we head over to the a part of the Death Railway, and snap some pictures. Kinda like really cool because it was what was in my textbook. Yup, and that's why I like to travel.

At Thamkra Sai.


There was a temple in the cave too! Went in for a little prayer :)

We walked back to where we came from and realised...

that the train station is still running !

I don't know what is this, but it has to do with the second world war.



The moment was amazing. At the tiger temple, I forgot that the tiger is actually such a fierce animal. My friend and I saw the big cats so tamed and even went cuddly with their caretakers. The caretakers looked like they were playing with little kittens, just that they are giant cats.

We waited for a while for it.
A picture I sent to my family chat to tell them that I'm in Bangkok to see Tigers

We had to wait for the tigers to finish their morning walk before we could enter the premise.

And the place was HUGEEEEEEE. After we went through the gates, we were welcomed by the birds
 And a bear.
Hello fluffy, you're such a cutie!

Look how gentle it is in the pictures.

Your cat let you do this not ?

And bid farewell to the wild boars.

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua
  1. AddressSaiyok District, Kanchanaburi Province, 71150, Thailand
  2. Phone+66 34 531 557

Lunch at the Railway station.

I never felt so starved in Bangkok before. My friend and I only had some buns in the morning and by the time we went into the tiger, I was so famished.

 Check out the viewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~

Next stop to Amphawa !

It was about 1.5- 2 hours journey from Kanchanaburi, and we reached the lovely town in mid afternoon. Amphawa is a little city loved by both tourists and the locals, more of the latter. We later also made friends with a pair of couple and they were here for their weekend stay cation. They shared with us that Amphawa is a popular place for locals to have stay cations, therefore there are many guesthouses built along the shore.

Hey girl, thanks for looking into my cam !

We were there on a Friday, so there isn't much buzz when compared to the weekends. We were told by the couple that we should had spent a night there and it would be more fun over the weekends, more shops and more happening. Next time Amphawa.

 Amphawa is another spot famous for the water market, we walked around and explored a little, got coconut ice cream from a store and snapped some pictures before we sat down on the benches for some seafood.

Before you walk into the floating market you would be able to see services where bring people to see fireflies in the evening.

When you are there I strongly recommend you to walk into the dry market/ night market to get a cup of Black Thai Tea, both the thai tea drinks are great but I love the Black Thai Tea. And most importantly, not found easily.  & getting some corn from the uncle before. 超好吃!

We brought some food back on our journey back to Bangkok, and here I am, ending my day at the outskirts :)


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