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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#migmePenang : China House

Haven done enough homework about Penang but seems like China House is one of the popular places to chill or hang out. 

We were here with our host, Patie, after meeting up with her at Syok with our semi full tummies filled with toast from Toh soon cafe. 

Very nice of Patie to drive the ladies over to the place to have our tai-tai moment. China house is such a nice place! There were a few choice of cafes/restaurants to choose. patie dropped us at the back of China house while she gets her car parked and the five of us walked into a space where I would like to chill with my friends after work over a pint of beer.

But that's not it, we were to go all the way to the front where there were so many things to see. Here's some visuals to share. 

 I took some pictures of the place to share but what caught my eye was the honesty store. 

Nice concept. But does it work? Do people really pay? Hehe how honest are we people huh. #smirkemoji 

Anyway we made our way through to the front and settled down for some hot beverages and cakes. Oh boy! We were spoilt for choices. 

Just look at this. 

We chose the tiramisu and a chocolate cake (contains liquor ) to share. Not sure if it's a MUST to order, but the tiramisu was heavenly !!!!! Its appearance totally looked so un-tiramisu (somemore we double confirm if they got our order right) but the taste was a killa. The sponge cake was super moist that you can literally squeeze out coffee from the cake. I'm serious. Cross my heart. The whole deal was just over the top. ITS IN MY LIST OF CONFIRM MUST ORDER. 

The chocolate cake was good too but chocolate cake is really difficult to define its quality in my opinion. 

The cafe actually places drawing paper on the table together with some crayons for doodle time but we didn't have that on our table. That's okay cause we had great chats that made it up and of course you can just request it from the staff. I'm sure they will be more than willing to spare you some paper. 

Look at that family doodling their masterpiece together. 

Some of the works get showcase at the backyard. Nice right! 

There's also a wine bar where different wines can be tasted by glass. Maybe next time. 

We also pop by the gallery at the upper storey and the book shop where they sell books and some designer crafts. 

Also had a good view of the cakes from above!

Bon Ton the Shop that sells books and local designer crafts.

We also went up to another space that's available to book for functions. Quirky nice place on the second level!

The China house is definitely in my list. I can't wait for the next time where I can spend a couple of hours in that artistic space with my friends. Till next time ! 

153, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 
10300 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


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